Many people still need clarification about how to buy teak furniture. Unfortunately, most people get teak furniture that is standard or not as expected, so they blame the seller. People are interested in Indonesian teak furniture because this furniture has many advantages compared to other wood furniture materials. Are you interested in teak furniture?

Teak furniture is perfect for your furniture, both indoor and outdoor. Even some say teak furniture is the best material because it is almost suitable for all home designs and paint colors.

8 Ways to Buy Teak Furniture by Posteak Furniture

Teak wood is one of the prima donnas of wood. Therefore, you need to know how to buy teak furniture to get the best. Although teak is a super material, there will be less quality.

It’s no secret that teak furniture is still a mainstay for furniture lovers for now. Its natural shape but classic modern style and high value is a strong reason.

Then how to buy the best teak furniture to get your expectations? Here are 8 ways you can do when buying teak furniture:

1. The Choice of Teak Furniture that Contains the Best Natural Oils

Teak wood is a very distinctive wood. The first way to buy teak furniture is to understand that teak contains natural oils, so it is sturdy and robust. With the natural oil content in teak, you don’t have to worry about wood-eating insects.

Then what about the weather? The answer is still the same. Teak wood withstands extreme weather, from rain to heat. But remember that taking care of teak furniture will provide better benefits.

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2. Choose Teak Furniture that is Easy to Clean

Teak furniture is easy to clean. You need water and soap or something to clean. There may be some teak furniture that is difficult to clean even with a special cleaner for teak furniture. The texture is not too good, or the natural oil content is lacking.

3. Choose Teak Furniture with the Best Workmanship and Quality

This third way of buying teak furniture is essential because it covers all 8 points, which are the reasons why and how you choose teak furniture.

Teak wood has several grades or clearly, which will determine its quality. Class A is the best, then B and the lowest is grade C. Grades A to C, of course, have different qualities and prices, but sometimes there is cheating.

To avoid cheating, you must know the available class of teak. For example, grade A is teak in the middle of other teak plants, grade B is on the outer terrace of the tree, and C is taken on the outermost tree.

4. Teak Furniture is an Investment

Choose one that has a use value or high artistic value. Teak can last long, even up to tens or hundreds of years. So if teak gets excellent and proper care, then teak can be an investment item for your children and grandchildren.

Some items you can inherit, such as cabinets or tables, will be exciting. So one way to buy teak is to involve this aspect of the selection so that later you save money. But remember the existing investment.

5. Don’t be Surprised When The Color of Teak Change from Time to Time

The fifth way to buy teak furniture is to know that teak can change color from time to time, from glossy brown typical of teak to faded silver. If one day it happens, don’t panic.

The natural oil in teak is high, but you can’t deny the discoloration. However, good quality teak can still change color.

It’s just that the highest grade will have more natural oils, so the lag time to become silver will be longer. To get the best teak, buy Indonesian Teak furniture by Posteak Furniture.

6. Buy Wooden Furniture with Special Oil to Maintain Its Beautiful Color

The fifth way to buy teak furniture is by knowing what coating or applying oil to your favorite teak furniture. One way to keep the beautiful color lasting is to use special oil for teak furniture.

You must have this oil if you have teak furniture. Why is that? To be more beautiful and durable for your children and grandchildren later. Teak is a sturdy and beautiful wood, so it will be more special if you do a teak treatment.

7. Know How to Clean Teak Furniture Correctly and Adequately

Cleaning teak furniture is complicated? Certainly not. Now you know several ways to buy the right teak furniture. You also must know how to clean teak without damaging your teak furniture.

Teak is one of the most expensive woods in the world. If it is damaged, you will make the owner very lost and regret it. Therefore, cleaning it should be careful. Please do not use a pot brush to clean it because it will damage the teak.

Just use plain water and a little soap. Gently clean until the stain is gone. If you are still having trouble, try buying a special liquid to clean stains on teak furniture.

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8. Know How to Store Teak Furniture Specifically for The Outdoors

Never underestimate teak furniture, even though it is a strong wood. You can cover it when the temperature is extreme to get more robust because it can reduce the natural oil content.

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Hopefully you already know how to buy teak furniture with the help from the above method. The eight points above are some things you can consider before buying teak furniture.

To get good Indonesian teak, you can choose one from Posteak Furniture, choose from among the many available options. 

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