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Indonesian Classic Furniture for Living Room That Made for Last

indonesian classic furniture for living room

Furniture is not the only thing that fulfills any corner in our room, but it also has an essential function. A lot of models of furniture today are compelling, but one that will remain elegance and popular for a lifetime is classic furniture for the living room. Having classic furniture for living room is a […]

Wholesale Furniture for Retailers from Jepara, Indonesia

wholesale furniture for retailers

Looking for wholesale furniture for retailers? That’s great, you’re in the right place. Indonesia is rich in forest products by producing commodities that can be converted into high-quality handicrafts. One of them is typical Jepara furniture with its popularity across continents. These products can be widely recognized because of the role of Indonesian wholesale furniture. […]

Reclaimed Furniture: The Old, High-Quality Wood Furniture

reclaimed furniture Posteak

Did you know about reclaimed furniture? A well-known kind of furniture in the furniture industry now is more favored by many people. Indonesia has several advantages to supply wholesale reclaimed furniture, despite the great quality, the price is competitive and, easy to find when you import from Indonesia. Moreover, the models and design are very […]

7 Ideas for Industrial Interior Style that You Need to Know About

home interior industrial style

Industrial style is the most creative and modern style in 2020. This is also what actually makes this style popular, because of creativity and its origin. At that time, unused industrial buildings such as cinemas or factories will bring considerable losses. Therefore, the designers took the initiative to be creative on these abandoned buildings by […]

Indonesian Mahogany Furniture (Things You Need to Know About)

Painted Furniture White

Indonesian mahogany furniture is the most sought after product after teak furniture in Indonesia. People who order mahogany wood usually use the product to make antique reproduction style furniture. Compared to teak or rosewood, mahogany furniture is superior since it is more beautiful and classy. The Characters of Mahogany Wood Mahogany wood is one of […]

How to Care & Clean Your Lovely Teak Furniture

teak furniture care

Teak furniture is favored by many because other than its durability, practicality, and lavish look, teak furniture also requires very little to no maintenance. Well, it does not necessarily mean you don’t have to take proper care of it, but it means that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in maintaining its best quality.

Teak Root Furniture Indonesia, A-One-Of-A-Kind Furniture Collection

Teak root furniture indonesia - Posteak

Teak root furniture in Indonesia is an eco-friendly but antique furniture collection. Teak is natural materials that every parts can be used for our living needs, including the root. Despite of wasting the materials, teak root can be crafted into useful furniture products, and has economic value. In Java, it crafted into furniture such as, […]

7 Most Popular Indonesian Wood Types Used for Furniture – 2020

Indonesia Wood Types-Posteak

Almost all varieties of Indonesian wood types can be designed for making furniture on condition that the wood in question has some kind of recommended hardness. This is because hard wood is easy to process when it comes to cutting, carving and sanding among other processes. There are several types of wood that have sufficient […]

Wholesale Furniture from Indonesia – Posteak 2020

wholesale furniture from Indonesia - Posteak

Finding the right furniture for retail can be a simple undertaking for some but for others, it can be hectic. You need to have information that will guide you on the way forward. Purchasing wholesale furniture in Indonesia requires you to be knowledgeable about your target market and prospective customers. Purchasing goods from a wholesaler […]