You can find a variety of furniture indoors as well as outdoors. For outdoor furniture, you must be more careful because of several factors. Choosing the best material for outdoor furniture is very important.

What are the 7 Best Materials for Outdoor Furniture?

You must determine the best material for outdoor furniture when you want to buy furniture to complement your home. Don’t just think about the beauty of a piece of furniture. Remember that the outdoors is not the same as the indoors, like the weight of a piece of furniture. Indoor furniture can be lightweight, but not for outdoors.

You must pay more attention to the material for outdoor furniture. Also, remember if the open space will be easily exposed to rain, strong winds, extreme temperatures, and sunlight that affects your furniture. You have to think smart to give the best and consider the best materials for outdoor furniture by knowing the advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the best furniture materials for you to choose from: 

1. Teak Wood

Teak wood is still the winner in the best wood category for furniture such as cabinets, tables, and chairs. Not only indoors, but it also turns out that Indonesian teak wood is the best material for outdoor furniture.

Teak wood is synonymous with durability and sturdiness and this material is even resistant to all kinds of weather, especially if it is added with natural oil content and a touch of synthetic oil usually applied to teak wood-based furniture.

The advantages of teak wood are quality, resistance to hot and rainy weather and not light. But of course, you must keep doing maintenance so that the quality stays the same. To support the aesthetics of your home, buy teak Indonesian furniture by Posteak furniture.

2. Acacia Wood

Did you know that acacia wood was once the Royal Navy’s choice for shipbuilding materials in the 18th century? This election is certainly for a reason. Acacia wood is one of the best woods that you can use as a reference for outdoor furniture.

Acacia grows faster than teak, so it costs a little less. Even so, the quality is not inferior. Acacia wood is famous for being water resistant, so it is perfect for your outdoor furniture.

Knowing the advantages of acacia wood certainly makes it one of the best materials for outdoor furniture. However, to get a beautiful color, you need to perform routine maintenance and apply oil to make the furniture look more elegant.

3. Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is one of the best materials for outdoor furniture and will not sway in the wind because it is sturdy. If you take good care of it, this material can last for decades.

Iron is one of the most popular materials. Many pieces of furniture are made of this type of iron because it has a variety of shapes and is also durable. In addition, some furniture in your home may be made of wrought iron.

Being the heaviest material makes wrought iron difficult to move. That could be one of its weaknesses. If you want this wrought iron material durable when you place it outdoors, make sure you have provided some things such as anti-rust liquid to keep it stay nice and stronger.

4. Aluminum

This material is certainly familiar to you. Many outdoor furniture pieces have aluminum base material because the price is standard but have good quality. You can even find this material easily with the variations and models available.

Although light, aluminum is quite strong. A furl director once said that aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant, helping to maintain its structure and increase its service life.

Using aluminum in outdoor furniture makes it quite easy to move because it is lighter than other materials. However, one of the disadvantages is that the wind easily carries it away in extreme weather such as a storm.

5. Rattan

Rattan is the fifth choice on the list of the best materials for outdoor furniture. Apart from indoors, there are lots of outdoor furniture made from rattan.

Rattan is synonymous with unique characteristics and has a fairly high aesthetic value. Moreover, PE rattan is more suitable for outdoor furniture because it is anti-UV and anti-freeze. Perfect to put all the time outdoors.

This outdoor material care is also quite easy because it is light, and so you can easily move it. You can also add oil to make the color of the rattan come out more and last longer.

6. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is known for its sturdiness and anti-rust. You’ve seen a lot of garden tables and chairs made of this material because it has extraordinary density and strength.

The shape of the furniture with stainless steel material will remain the same even though it is often used. This material will feel hot when the weather is hot and will feel cold when it is cold weather.

Stainless steel has several other advantages, including being the strongest metal material of other metals. In addition, this material is also immune to rust and corrosion, especially if it gets a routine coating.

7. Shorea

Shorea is one of the best wood families and the best material for outdoor furniture. This material is insect resistant, extremely weather resistant, and also environmentally friendly. However, people are still not familiar with this type of wood material even though the quality is very good. Shorea is not even inferior to teak or acacia.


Choosing furniture is important, so a building is more beautiful indoors and outdoors. But remember to always choose the best material for outdoor furniture because it is crucial. Then, choose furniture according to your needs. Hopefully, the reviews above can help you.

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