Finding dining room chairs which are comfortable and in accordance with the conditions of a room in the house is not easy. It will take a long time. You will find many choices before you decide which dining room chairs are appropriate for you. In this article, we will provide some different types of dining room chair based on the design, material used, styles, and manufacturing them.

Types of Dining Room Chairs by Design

Dining room chairs design divided into four. There are folding chairs, arm chairs, parson chairs and side chairs. see this idea:

1. Folding Chair

Many people choose to use a folding chair because of its easy storage, so it can minimize the use of a room. This folding chair is also easy to move from one room to another. This chair can be use both indoors and outdoors.

2. Armchair

This chair is a type of formal dining room chair. The arms, backrest and soft cushions give a comfortable impression. Another thing, the minimalist legs add decorative value. This type of dining chair is perferable for a formal dining room.

3. Parsons Chair

The Parson chair is one of the modern designs. One of the characteristics of a parson chair, it has an X ​​mark when viewed from the front and also the back of the chair looks slanted. This chair design to provide comfort and make it easier for people to sit close together because it has no arms.

4. Side Chair

The side chair is one of the chairs that is most commonly use in the dining room. The side chair is made with a variety of materials and colors. The back of the chair is usually straight and the seat is upholstere. This chair has four legs. This type of side chair provides both comfort and functionality. This chair also gives a simple but elegant impression at dinner.

Types of Dining Chair by Design Elements

For the dining chair design elements divided into three. There are ladder back chairs, bow back chairs and Windsor chairs.

5. Ladder Back Chair

The ladder back chair is the simplest type of dining chair among other chairs. This chair is made of wood and have five legs. The characteristics of this ladder back chair are tall and narrow.

6. Bow Back Chair

The bow back chair is one of the chairs that is suitable for all home decorations. The characteristic of a bow back chair, it has a slightly curved backrest. This type of chair is very flexible, strong and durable. Bow back chair is also easier to move from one room to another.

7. Windsor Chair

Even though the windsor chair is classified as a traditional chair, this chair is still chosen by many people as a dining chair. One of the specifications of windsor chair, it has a slanted seat and is higher in the back

Types of Dining Chairs by Seat Materials

For seat materials, the dining chairs are divided into six.There are upholstered, wood, metal, leather, wicker and plastic.

8. Upholstered

Upholstered chairs are the most comfortable chairs to sit on. This chair has a soft texture and there is a cushion on the seat. These chairs can be found with wood or metal frames. However, this chair has the disadvantage that it wears out easily and must be replaced regularly.

9. Wood

This type of wooden chair can be used for all types of home decoration. This chair gives a natural impression and also provides comfort. Wooden chairs are made of various types of wood such as teak wood, cherry wood, walnut wood, acacia wood and maple wood. Teak wood still be the first rank and is liked by many people as the main material for making wooden chairs, even though it has an expensive price

10. Metal

The type of metal that is usually used is aluminum or stainless steel. This chair produces a very unique look that many people choose to use. In the metal seat, the chrome finish is the most favorite for many people because it is seen in public places.

11. Leather

The leather material is comfortable and soft when you sit on it. Leather material is one of the most durable materials. The colors usually used are light brown, dark brown, and black. Leather material gives an elegant impression in the dining room when combined with a layer of wood.

12. Wicker

This type of dining chair is suitable for outdoor decor. This chair gives a classic impression but is still comfortable to sit on. Unfortunately the material of this chair is easily damaged.

13. Plastic

Plastic chairs are cheaper than others. this material are easy to store and have a very light weight for chairs, so they are easy to move from one room to another. However, this chair is very damaged easily if exposed to sunlight directly.

Types of Dining Chairs by Frame Material

For frame materials, the dining chairs are divided into three.There are wood, metal and plastic.

14. Wood

Dining chairs with wooden frames are very easy to find and are very popular. This wooden frame is easy to care for and clean. However, over time the type of wood used will expand or shrink easily.


Dining chairs with metal frames are the newest type of modern chairs on the market and are loved by many people. The metal frame is not easy to corrode so it does not require difficult maintenance. Metal chairs are chosen for their long durability and also give a luxurious impression to the dining room.

16. Plastic

Dining chairs with plastic frames are easy to clean when they get dirty. Unfortunately, this type of dining chair is not durable.

Dining Chair Style

For the dining chair styles divided into fives. There are traditional, modern, rustic, queen anne, and contemporary


Even though it has a traditional style, this chair will look elegant and luxurious. This chair combines many colors. Traditional dining chair style is still popular with many people.

18. Modern

Modern style will be very suitable for redecorating your dining room. This style will give a fresh and clean impression. Modern dining room furniture will also add aesthetic value.

19. Rustic

Dining room chairs in a rustic style have a bright and natural color appearance. This dining room chair has a simple but elegant design, so that it suitables for any type of dining room.

20. Queen Anne Chair

Dining chairs with Queen Anne style give the impression of luxury and elegance. This stylish chair has a detailed, sculpted and curved design.

21. Contemporary

This dining chair combines a variety of styles but it will still be comfortable when sat on. This chair is the choice of many people because of its simplicity.

Among the many types of dining chairs, dining chairs made from teak wood are popular and are loved by many people. You can see our chairs collection with teak wood material in here

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