Teak gives your bathroom the warmth and beauty of a classic boat deck when utilized as a shower floor. Teak floors, which are often created with open slats, are great for bathrooms that want a bit of elevation and flare (LA Design and Construction, n.d.). Choosing the correct flooring is a crucial step when designing a bathroom.

The flooring must not only be sturdy and water-resistant, but it must also suit the overall style of the area. Teak bathroom flooring is one choice that has grown in popularity in recent years. Teak is a versatile and appealing alternative for bathroom flooring due to its natural warmth and unique grain pattern. In this post, we’ll look at several teak bathroom flooring ideas to help you plan your next home improvement job.

Hexagonal Teak Bathroom Flooring

Hexagonal Teak Bathroom Flooring: A Unique Twist on a Classic Look

Experience this stunning hexagon-shaped tile if you wish to plan your home around your eco-friendly lifestyle. This brown tile mimics the look of rustic teak wood, allowing you to bring a little bit of the outdoors into your house (Ocean Mosaics, n.d.).

They are also ideal for bathrooms because they do not support mildew growth. Another popular style for teak bathroom flooring is the hexagonal pattern. The teak planks or tiles are arranged in a hexagon form to create a geometric design that can add interest and depth to a bathroom.

The hexagonal layout has the advantage of creating the illusion of a larger space. The six-sided design of the tiles or planks can help to visually enlarge the size of the room, making it an excellent choice for small or limited-space bathrooms.

square teak flooring ideas for bathroom

Square Teak Flooring Ideas for Bathroom: Timeless Elegance

if you decide to choose a square pattern for your bathroom flooring, congratulations! This implies that you select a straightforward and timeless style. The rustic teak style with a square pattern also has the appearance of a timeless design, which does not go out of style and remains current and appealing for many years. It is a design that transcends trends and fads, remaining fresh and relevant regardless of era. The vented design allows for air and water to flow through. Easy to clean and care for. 

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Herringbone Teak Flooring Pattern

Herringbone Teak Flooring Pattern: Space Enhancer for Bathroom

Although a square geometric design is also rather frequent, the conventional herringbone pattern generally associated with parquet flooring is the most popular and enduring pattern, making this flooring style readily recognizable throughout the years. It’s an excellent choice if you want a collection with a unique style and a touch of individuality (Flanagan Flooring, 2019). This will be the ideal combo if you choose herringbone style with teak wood.

The herringbone pattern also helps any floor stand out as something unique and not seen in many homes, so if a beautiful design is essential to you, you’ll like this option. Because of its pattern, a herringbone floor makes any sized room appear larger, particularly smaller or narrower spaces such as hallways. This type of flooring is a terrific space enhancer that should be considered for any room update due to the illusion of movement it provides.

Teak Bathroom Floor with The Basketweve Pattern

Teak Bathroom Floor with The Basketweve Pattern: A Touch of Texture

basketweave pattern is made up of rectangular or square tiles that are alternately arranged vertically and horizontally to form a weave-like pattern. When coupled with the warm, rich tones of teak wood, the result is an attractive and one-of-a-kind flooring solution. 

The adaptability of basketweave teak flooring is one of its advantages. It complements a wide range of design styles, from traditional to modern. It may also be combined with a wide range of color schemes and textures, making it a perfect choice for individuals who want to try out new design aspects.

Life-saving Tips!

We’ve all heard that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. Teak Wood has a high silica content, which gives it a natural waxy non-skid resistance. Adding a Teak shower floor or bath mat to your bathroom or shower area eliminates the hazards of a slick surface when wet.


In conclusion, teak wood flooring comes in a variety of patterns and styles that may transform any bathroom into a beautiful and long-lasting area. Teak wood offers a warm and rich appearance that may boost any bathroom design, whether it is the conventional look of square or the distinctive visual appeal of hexagonal, herringbone, or basketweave patterns.

If you want a long-lasting and stylish flooring option for your bathroom, teak wood flooring is an excellent choice. It can add value and beauty to any bathroom design due to its versatility and durability.

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