Can teak furniture be left outside in winter? How do you take care of them? Here are things to know about teak outdoor furniture during the winter season.

Well, teak is one of the strongest wood types available today. Its natural beauty and durability make this wood highly in-demand. Yet, is the beauty worth the hefty price tag? Check out anything you need to know about teak furniture in this article.

Pros and Cons of Teak Outdoor Furniture

Can teak furniture be left out in winter? Well, you should read this entire article in the first place. However, before finding out the answer, you should know the pros and cons of choosing teak as your outdoor furniture.

Advantages of Teak for Outdoor Furniture

Here are several reasons for choosing teak for outdoor furniture.

Waterproof and Weatherproof

Is teak furniture waterproof? Yes, it is – this point is even one of the strongest things many people consider before buying any furniture piece. This material is highly resistant to water and has a high level of tolerance when it comes to water. It is also the reason why teak is more common for shipbuilding. Even sun exposure and moisture as well as mold and mildew won’t go near natural teak wood.

Stand Extreme Conditions

Having an outdoor dining area sounds nice, right? Especially if you can spend your lunch and dinner during summer days with your family and loved ones in that place in your house. However, what should you do when winter is coming?

Choosing an outdoor dining set made of teak is such a smart idea. Even though the price tag might be a bit heavy, this material will stand any weather and temperature. You don’t even need to cover it in the first place.

Little Maintenance

Another good news is that teak furniture is not a high-maintenance item. You only need to apply sealants once in a while to keep the natural color fresh. On the other hand, if you prefer the grayish vibe then you don’t need to put any coating on it. In case you want to keep your furniture away from dust, you just need a mixture of water and mild soap as well as a soft-bristle brush. While the price tag is hefty, the maintenance is quite low, after all.

Various Designs and Styles

As mentioned earlier, teak is popular – regardless of the price tag. As a hard wood, this material can be used for various needs. And if you are looking for stylist furniture items to match your house theme then it won’t be difficult to find a pair from teak furniture. It is better to always keep the wood’s natural grains and patterns. Even though some people prefer mahogany in terms of grains and patterns, teak also serves an exotic beauty that not all wood types own. More than anything, it is quite effortless to find any kind of style made of teak wood.

Disadvantages of Teak Furniture for Outdoors

After understanding a list of the pros, you should weigh them by understanding the cons. Here are several things that you need to consider before choosing teak for your patio furniture.


Other than being a wood waterproof kind, teak is highly durable. This is not the main reason why teak can be so expensive compared to any other wood. Before you cut a teak tree, it takes at least 20 years to grow the tree in the first place. Thus, even though the research is sustainable, you need more time to grow it – until the tree is ready to be cut. It is no wonder if teak wood is expensive, after all.


Teak wood is a hard wood. While the characteristics and features make teak durable, it can be too heavy for some people. Thus, if you are looking for a furniture item that supports mobility and portability then teak wood might not be your best bet.

How Do You Protect Teak Outdoor Furniture in the Winter?

Generally, you don’t even need anything to protect teak furniture that you leave outdoors during winter. Since this wood is highly resilient, hard, and best at durability, you can leave it all year round without using any cover.

Teak, on the other hand, has that kind of property that helps it to withstand any outdoor element – even the harshest one. This wood will also stay longer compared to other wood materials when it comes to furniture for outdoor use.

You even need to know how to store teak furniture properly. In case you want to put protection for your favorite teak furniture, here are several things that you need to prepare.

  • Use teak cleaners and apply sealers regularly. You need those things to maintain the fresh look and natural gorgeousness, regardless of the extreme weather.
  • If you want to protect your teak furniture during the winter, covers each of them with a quality yet breathable furniture cover. Teak needs pores to breathe and humidity may cause bows and cracks to wood.
  • You can store teak furniture but we won’t recommend it if the shed or garage has a dramatic temperature change. You don’t want your favorite teak furniture crack, right?

All in all, leaving your teak furniture outside is fine. Running regular maintenance is always possible after winter is leaving, after all. Of course, you better use recommended products to take care of any wooden furniture in your house.

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Final Word

As mentioned, now you know that teak is highly resilient and you might see almost no wood crack even though you leave your teak furniture outdoors. However, if you are not sure then you can consider a table cover or any protective coat to take care of the furniture.

And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about “can teak furniture be left outside in winter”. Of course, it can – but make sure you apply sufficient maintenance when needed. Also, don’t forget to always buy teak Indonesian furniture by Posteakfurniture.

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