Bali is one of popular destination for tourist when comes to holiday. Can’t be denied that Bali has gorgeous nature tourism. Not only that, Bali also has beautiful handcrafts and furniture that born from local tradition.

Sculpture, dance, painting, and other art forms make the province of Bali rich in an extraordinary variety of arts (non-natural resources) and even attract foreign tourists from abroad to anchor to the province.

Furniture from Bali is stunning, artistic, and beautiful crafted. This perspective is arising because Balinese has a high sense of arts and spirit. This background yet becomes the core value of furniture from Bali.

What makes Bali furniture does not only come from the internal aspect, yet also from the external aspect. Factors such as the natural resources describe that Bali has potential value. Here are some value that Bali furniture is a good choice

bali furniture

Bali Furniture at Glance

This year, the unique and authentic Bali furniture could be an option for you who want to re-decorate a room. This island has been known as one of the best tourist destinations in this world, however, in fact, it is more than that.

This island of gods is also known as the center of the furniture industry, it offers different items with the unique ‘touch’ of Balinese design. There are various kinds of products sold there where you can purchase from the cheapest up to the most expensive ones.

The interesting thing is that the furniture sold there is not only coming from Bali, but also from other cities in Indonesia which are known for its high-quality products. An example is Jepara. It is known for the best and elegant carving.

Usually, that carving method will be applied in the teak wood. Even Bali furniture can have this design as well. The thick culture is also reflected in the form of their products which are different from other cities. It is very typical.

bali craftsmanship

a. Tradition

Bali people have a very rich traditional culture, which in most cases attract tourist from abroad. The traditional culture also implemented in their handicrafts and arts, including furniture. Bali furniture made with a unique representative of the Bali culture, such as wooden sculpture, statue, ukiran wall doors, etc.

b. Nature Resources

Not only the high value of tradition, Bali also supported with great natural resources that they make for furniture. Most of Bali furniture uses materials such as rattan/ wicker which can be implemented to make indoor and outdoor furniture, wooden resources like teak wood, mahogany etc. The availability of resources makes Bali furniture has competitive advantage

c. Custom Furniture from Bali

Bali furniture industry also offers custom furniture for buyers who want a personal touch. Many players of furniture makers and manufacturers offer this kind of service. Hence, you need to pay attention to the details, materials, and be selective to choose.

d. The Appeal of Balinese Products

So many tourists fall in love with this tropical place. That is why; sometimes they want to bring that nuance to their home or property. The appearance of Balinese products made from teak or other woods will make this target is easier to reach.

There are several appeals owned by the Bali furniture, the first is that it is so classy and elegant. There is a classic and traditional touch to this wood product. It is not surprising that the appearance is very classic and unique at the same time.

It is great to place them into the traditional themes, but this item is still suitable when combined with modern style or others. You could develop your creativity to create an amazing interior or exterior look. What is the other appeal?

Another advantage that exists in this item is that the materials used. Although not all use teak wood, the material used is still the best one. Various ranges of prices are also available to ensure that it can fill the peoples’ needs.

Various Different Grades are Available

No wonder if the furniture from Bali has a variety of grade options. The most expensive one is usually called Grade A which is made from the best materials, grade B is under it, and so on. All of them are still strong, durable, and aesthetic.

The breathtaking finishing result is also becoming one of the reasons why people choose this Bali furniture. Each city has its own characteristics. For Balinese creation, it has a traditional touch with different carvings. This carving is what can’t be found in other cities.

Its engraving is hand-carved and made only from the professional craftsman. That is why; the result is so typical and has the thick nuance of this thousand temple island. Usually, customers love to let it has a natural color.

It has more value and looks classic. To protect the surface, a special liquid may be applied. However, it is also possible for you to color some or even all parts of the products, this custom design service is mostly provided by the trusted factory.

Tons of Collections to Choose

It is for sure that the market trend is so dynamic. Sometimes, one or maybe more Bali furniture items can be so popular. That is why; you must find a factory which provides the things on demand. Tons of collections are always better.

These wood products are varied from the indoor or outdoor sector. Examples are the bathroom cabinet, vanities, nightstands, dining chair, desk, table, chest, dresser, and many more again. It is recommended for self-need, projects, contract business, or retail stores.

Meanwhile, outdoor items are also super interesting. They are diverse from the garden bench, dining table, chair, lounger, and so on. They come in various different looks, colors, designs, and also carvings. The grades can be different too.

To get more information about the Bali furniture, customers can straightly come to the factory that made these items. However, these companies are not only located on that island, but also in the other cities in Indonesia. You can start by exploring the website first.

The Different Brands and Their Products

Based on the explanation above, it is clear that the teak wood factory is not only based in Bali. It is located in other cities in Indonesia to ensure that the customers can get the products easier. On the other side, brands are also diverse.

Examples of those brands are Dayana, USK, Debora, Kikan, Hugo, Lola, Timothy, and more. They come in different designs and sizes. However, all of those Bali furniture items are made from strong and high-quality materials.

The premium table options are also available. It comes with extensive designs, quality materials, advanced processes, and custom products. Everything is displayed completely on the website of a trusted and professional factory in Indonesia.

Choosing the right Bali furniture factory is the key. The high-quality materials used will ensure the customers to get only the original products with unique and typical carvings. It is worth every penny which is paid to purchase this good.

What Kind of Furniture You Can Buy from Bali

bali villa furniture
Furniture on Villa Massilia Bali

a. Bali Teak Furniture

Bali is good for retails furniture. You can find furniture made of teak wood from Bali. Furniture for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room are products that you can request using teak wood. As we know that it has the advantages of durability and beauty.

Hence, for teak wood products, some of Bali seller is producing in Jepara, if that so, we would suggest you buy directly from Jepara to avoid raising the cost, especially if you look for wholesale furniture

b. Rattan Wicker Bali Furniture

Rattan products from Bali are very popular. They have big resources and skilled hand-craftsmen. That’s why they can sell many rattan or wicker products for indoor and outdoor. Products like a rattan chair, rattan sectional sofa are popular products that buyers looking for. Most products like cabinet, dresser are combined with wooden and rattan for modern look furniture.

c. Outdoor Bali Furniture

Outdoor patio and garden in Bali is very attractive. Many villas have great outdoor design, they combined beautiful nature scenery with high quality outdoor furniture. Most outdoor furniture are made from quality wooden materials some are combined with rattan wicker. This make a representative design for you to have ideas for outdoor furniture to buy.

Tips to Buy Furniture in Bali

In order to get best choices and good prepared furniture. Here are some tips that may help you.

1. Be aware what you want to buy

Research products that you want to buy and apply into spesific design of your house or project. Knowing furniture that you want to buy, you may find best quality furniture from Bali that match with your needs.

2. Hire professional

You may hire a professional broker for supplying and get a well-understanding or specific request for the furniture that you want to buy. If you are new in the industry, a professional will assist you to get best furniture for your need.

3. Find Best Shop or Direct Manufacturer

Look around to find the best shop to get the best prices and also knowing the quality materials that they offer. Especially for buyer abroad, it wise advise if you import directly from the manufacturer because some of Bali furniture stores are supplying from Jepara which well-known city that produce quality furniture. This will reduce cost compared if you buy from a shop in Bali.