Jepara furniture manufacturer, provides its citizen with several furniture options suited for homes, restaurants, offices and hospitality. These various types of wholesale furniture are manufactured for prospective markets. The size and quality mostly depend on the types of wood used in manufacturing.

Furniture made from Jepara, Indonesia can also be made from materials like wood, plastic, MDF boards and synthetic rattan, wicker, and upholstery. Furniture manufactures in Indonesia are located in most cities such as Bali Klaten, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Cirebon, Solo and the popular one is Jepara.

Why you need to supply from Jepara Furniture Manufacturer

Jepara becomes one of prospect city in Indonesia that furniture buyers around the world seek for. There is several reason for this. But this is more the basic reason why you need to supply furniture form Jepara Furniture Manufacturer.

Craftmanship as core authenticity of Jepara Furniture.

During the introduction of furniture in Indonesia, artisans would manually craft the wood using traditional methods of wood cutting and shaping. The artisans learnt from the Chinese and European colonialists on modern methods that were simple and produced high quality furniture. The demand for quality wholesale furniture has increased in the recent years as Indonesians and the rest of the world require expertly manufactured furniture for different environments.

Jepara furniture has already well-known around the world that it has very high-skilled craftsmanship of their furniture products. Quality craftsmanship also makes Jepara furniture has great construction which make Jepara furniture durable and strong. Posteak Furniture put forward about originality of craftsmanship in every products that we produce, with combination of machine and craftsmanship make the productivity effective and efficient for wholesale business.

Advance Manufacturing and Quality Control

Jepara furniture extremely have a lot of furniture manufacturer, but be aware that just a few that really concern about awareness of quality of furniture that they produces.

Posteak is one of manufacturer which has good management systems of manufacturing and quality control, we always keep the quality high for our customers, so that we can do long term business.

Factory Prices

With huge resources of solid wood, teak wood and huge demand of furniture across the world. It is become competitive advantage for Jepara furniture manufacturer to produce and export furniture at wholesale factory prices. Get the quote best price only at Posteak Furniture,

Furniture line that you can buy from Jepara

Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood furniture Jepara is common furniture that has great quality. From its source, it has durability and with hands of local craftsmanship it becomes great products to supply. Posteak provide extensive design of new, recycled/reclaimed, and painted indoor furniture for wholesale and project business. You can order our products listed below, also available for custom design based on your desire, made just for your brand.

Teak Laminate Furniture

An innovative manufacturing furniture collection but has same great quality like solid wood furniture. Products use for indoor. Some benefits of teak laminate furniture are lower cost, less maintenance, less problems of cracks and bending, fast production.

Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture

Jepara have competitiveness to produce teak garden furniture. Many products exported to US, Australia, UAE, Europe. Posteak provide wholesale teak garden furniture for retails, projects, export buyers. Best price for wholesale buying. Our standard is high B-grade teak wood quality. Free sample available in order to proof our quality standard. We provide detailed construction, manufactured and craftsmanship in every pieces of our teak garden products.

Buy and supply furniture Jepara with Posteak

Posteak Furniture are proven Jepara furniture manufacturer since 1997. Start in Jepara with our highest quality of teak wood, our founders produce and provide buyers around the world with export quality furniture, both for indoor and outdoor.

We use teak wood is our main resources in terms of producing highest quality of our furniture and high-demanded in export market.

Our services ranges :

  1. Furniture for wholesale and retails : Posteak offer several furniture for wholesale services that cover a wide range products and prices suited for every buyer.
  2. Furniture for interior designer: a solution for designer who seek for a company to produce custom furniture. An opportunity to make your own furniture design to sell. Posteak help to discuss, drawing and create your own design of furniture for your own furniture brand.
  3. Furniture for project business: a solution for buyers who have big projects such as hospitality project, restaurants etc. Posteak will assist you from defining the ideas, identifying the right type of furniture fabric, design and size that best suited to your business needs. 

We have created more than hundreds models of home furnishing, from dining set, bedroom set, living room set, outdoor set, outdoor dining set, outdoor garden set.

With broad style of furniture products such as dining tables, cabinets, wine dresser, vitrine cabinets, bar stools, bookcases, tv cabinets, plasma, coffee tables, end tables, console tables, small tables, small cabinets, office desks, wooden furniture accessories, wall mirrors, chairs, desk chairs, teak dining chairs, teak dining tables, teak dressers, teak cabinets, teak coffee tables, teak side tables, etc. and custom products for indoor and outdoor also acceptable. Posteak also innovate our products with wide range exclusively finishing option.

Posteak Furniture which located in Jepara, Central Java specialized on new teak, recycled teak or reclaimed teak, painted teak modern, painted mahogany furniture, teak laminate furniture.

As well-established jepara furniture manufacturer, we keep our quality and good prices for our buyers so we always have long-term business relationship.

Posteak Furniture are legal company and resources which have SVLK certification in terms of responsibility of environmental manufacturing activities. We also provide V-legal documents for export business.

How to buy and supply Jepara furniture at best

  1. Just simply email us at or contact us at +62 857-2761-8440, then advise us about your furniture needs. Then we will assist you. You can also visit our factory and head office at Jepara.
  2. Arrange properly furniture goods that will load for 20HC or 40HC container. For custom order and consolidation we can negotiate.
  3. Decide shipping terms. Ask and consolidate for shipping terms is it comes with Free On Board (FOB), or Exwork (EXW).
  4. Considering payments term. Deal the payments terms, commonly Posteak charge 30-40% deposit, depends on amount of total invoice and container.

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