Removing mold wood is not difficult, but also not as easy as you think. Some types of mold on the wood are very difficult and can even damage your wood. Especially if it’s home furniture, of course, it will be very detrimental.

In addition to hurting the quality of the wood, the appearance of mold is obviously not attractive. The visuals will look unkempt and very bad. It turns out mushrooms can also harm human health if they enter the nose and mouth.

Some people use many methods to remove mold from wood, from modern to traditional methods.

7 Simple Ways to Remove Mold Wood

You must have understood that wood is prone to mold, so you need to know how to remove mold on wood before choosing furniture or other objects made of wood. Mold reproduces by spores which make it easier for them to spread. As a result, mold can spread through the air. Some types of mold on wood have black and green colors. There are seven species that are dangerous when you breathe them.

Several factors cause mold growth, such as humidity in the air and water, so taking care of your furniture is essential. However, there are several easy ways that you can apply at home to remove mold on wood. Here are seven ways:

1. Use Safety Equipment

The first way to remove mold wood is safe equipment. There is a type of mushroom called Stachybotrys Chartarum, a poisonous mushroom that is black. It would be best if you even had a doctor for this. You have to believe that some mushrooms are very dangerous indeed. But, of course, prevention is always better than cure. But if the fungus has grown, you must be ready to fight it in several ways. Use some safety equipment such as goggles, face masks, and gloves while doing the job.

2. Take Advantage of the Sun

One way to remove mold on wood is very effective, which is with sunlight as one of the weaknesses of the fungus. Spore fungi will be so comfortable in a humid room that they will die if exposed to the sun regularly. Remove mold on wood that is specifically for wood-based furniture. Dark and damp rooms are the reason for mold growth on wood. A very disturbing aroma and appearance will certainly change the mood to be ugly.

Drying moldy furniture must be done carefully. First, ensure the weather is right, and don’t just be excited when you want to dry it. But if you are too lazy to put the furniture in after drying, it will be the same result as before you put it outside. 

3. Use Area Vacuum

As you already know, mold is a spore and very easy to grow only with air or wind. Therefore, removing the mold on the wood must be careful. If it’s wrong, it could be that the spores will spread even more. A vacuum is one of the best tools for removing mildew on wood. But you should still ensure that the vacuum cleaner is with a HEPA filter and suck it slowly over it. Then the bag with the lid must be able to prevent spores from spreading.

4. Clean Moldy Wood

The next is how to remove mold wood and focus on the molds that usually stick to wooden walls and others. Before giving soap or other ingredients, you must first do the cleaning, namely washing the wood.

Use clean running water as usual with a soft brush that does not damage the wood. Prepare the wood in advance and clean it so as not to be surprised when later you give some chemicals or various ways to remove the mold on wood.

5. Use Some Materials that Can Get Rid of Mold

The way to remove mold on wood is no longer tricky because some facts say several ingredients can repel mold on wood. We can even find some of these materials in our homes every day. The first ingredient for cleaning mushrooms is vinegar. You can try vinegar when you have used soap, but the results are nil. So instead, you can mix vinegar with warm water and then put it in a spray container. Then spray the mushrooms and wait a while.

Waiting a while to remove the mold on the wood is not tiring because the results will be very satisfying. However, when you have let it sit for an hour, wipe it, and the mushrooms must have come off and gone.

6. Wood Sandpaper

The sixth method may be final, considering all the ingredients to repel the fungus still need to be fixed. Interested in getting mold-free wood furniture? Buy Indonesian furniture by Posteakfurniture.

When you are sure to do sandpaper, you can imagine some of the consequences. However, if your wood can’t do anymore, there’s nothing wrong with just sanding the wood.

7. Go to the Woodworking Shop If the Problem is Not Resolved

Go to a wood shop that knows about the world of wood professionally, from all sides, both good and bad. Go knowing about how to remove mold wood easily.

There is nothing wrong with asking about the problems you are experiencing regarding the molds on the wood. They are already in the field and will give you some tips or even some materials you can use.

There is no doubt about whether you are already in the field. Usually, woodworking shops also provide materials to remove and prevent mold, which is the best way.


Mushrooms are one annoying parasite, especially if it’s in the wood around us at home. So knowing how to remove mold wood will be very important because it will help you if this problem occurs. Check out high quality Indonesian furniture by Posteakfurniture that will amaze you with their mold-free furniture collections.

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