The dining room is more than just a place where food is shared with your loved ones. It’s the heart of your home that can promise comfort for your dear ones to share the joy in it. This article will assist you in considering how to choose a dining table that fits your sense of style without compromising its functionality.

Measure the Space

The rule of thumb in picking a dining table is that it has to fit the dining room in your home. However, a dining table is a relatively colossal piece of furniture, so extra space must also be provided. 

You may start by measuring the space’s length and width you plan to set aside for the dining table. To get the right size for the table, subtract approximately 6 feet (1.8 meters) from the dining room’s measurements.

According to a furniture-industry veteran, Max Dyer, you will need to spare between 22 and 24 inches for the dining table area. You might need more than that if you plan to have large-scale dining chairs. 

Aside from measuring the space, consider how the furniture will look in the room. To do this, you can use painter’s tape to block out the floor’s length and width. Use furniture that is comparable in size to fill in the space, then take a step back to assess how it will look.  

Select the Shape

The next step in choosing a dining table guide is selecting a table shape. It’s not just the look and style that you need to consider but also the space and your own needs. What is the table for? Is it just for the regular table to share meals with your family? Is it for holding gatherings with lots of people? Think about it; then, you will figure out the table shape that suits your needs. 

The most common shapes for dining tables include:

  • Rectangular: A rectangular-shaped dining table is the most common option. It can make a great selection if you want a table to accommodate a large dinner party. Besides, the linear shape provides enough space to walk around the furniture freely. Since it can be too big for narrow spaces, consider using long benches rather than individual chairs.
  • Square: This shape is ideal for compact rooms, but it also works nicely for seating a small group of people. You can also add two square tables if you want more space. Best of all, this square-shaped table can create intimacy by putting everyone close.
  • Round: A round-shaped table can make an excellent choice for narrow space. Plus, it fits with any shape of the dining room. Round tables also allow people to converse easily because of the lack of table heads. 
  • Oval: An oval-shaped table can create a unique aesthetic. While they share similarities to traditional rectangular tables, oval tables can create more space. This table also creates closeness and versatility in a smaller size dining room.

Keep the Table Materials in Mind

The next thing to put into consideration on how to choose a dining table guide is the material itself. There is no right or wrong option when it comes to table materials. The number one rule is to select one that can define your dining space. Below are some of the standard table material options:

  • Solid wood: It’s a classic, timeless material because of its durability, ease of maintenance, and style versatility. Teak, mango, pine, and acacia are among the popular options. 
  • Reclaimed wood: This one is an eco-friendly option that fits many different decor styles. Its textured surfaces are relatively easy to clean, and its well-worn look can add character to a dining room.
  • Stone: Stone tables like marble and granite are abundant choices with a timeless, natural touch. They are great for indoor and outdoor usage because they can handle harsh weather well.
  • Metal: This material is mainly used for bases rather than table tops. Metal like brass, stainless steel, and zinc are durable. However, their maintenance is quite an effort because they cannot be cleaned with just any cleaning tools.
  • Laminate: Laminate tables are an inexpensive option that promises the colors and styles of solid wood. In addition, they are also relatively light without complex maintenance. While they are barely considered the best material, laminate tables will last long.

Look for Reliable Construction

The construction is one of the essential aspects of choosing a dining table guide. The table material may be a necessary part of sturdy construction. However, the joinery (points where the tabletop and base attach) can tell whether the table will withstand heavy, long-term use. 

Check underneath the table; a wood table joined with wood is sturdy, but its construction won’t be reliable if there are excessive hooks and attachments. You also need to pay attention to the connection points. More importantly, to the points where the table tops and the legs meet. 

If you see gaps between the legs and the tops, they look wobbly, or they seem to start separating, it’s not a well-constructed option. Also, avoid tables that come with illogically low prices. They could be just attached with nothing but glue. It won’t hurt to pay more if it promises a piece of lasting furniture. 

A note regarding chairs for your dining table: Make sure you pick the new ones that fit the table. However, it would be much more convenient for you to purchase a dining table with its chairs. Of course, it’s acceptable if you want to buy them separately. All you need to ensure is that both pieces of furniture fit together.

Your Home, Your Rules

That’s all about how to choose a dining table. What’s stated in this guide may help you make a decision. Yet again, it’s your home, and you make your own rules, so buy what you think is right. If you are considering getting a teak dining table, Posteak Furniture has what you require. They only use the finest teak wood to produce high-quality furniture. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a teak outdoor dining set at for an authentic, lasting dining table. 

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