Summer is fun if you know you have everything in control. So, you should check out these creative ideas to keep the patio cool on summer days. They help you to enjoy summer, after all.

This article covers information about things you need to know to maintain the temperature and vibe of your favorite outdoor area. You will also find some cooling ideas so that the patio allows you to hangout during summer days.

How to Keep Balcony Cool in Summer Days?

You all may agree that summer days are fun. However, you might not be able to enjoy those days without proper preparation. By preparation we mean that you should install and build everything needed to welcome summer.

More than anything, spending summer at your favorite outdoor space will be a bummer if you have to deal with too much heat. In this case, if you are looking for a way to keep your favorite outdoor spot, these outdoor cooling ideas may give you references.

Install a Patio Cooling System

Using an air conditioner might sound like a solution, even though it seems a bit impossible to do. For instance, you may find lots of obstacles when installing an AC outdoors. But don’t worry because you can always install a patio system. 

This cooling system will allow you to adjust the mist temperature. According to users, this kind of system can lower the heat temperature up to 20 degrees. Thus, if you hang out a lot on the patio then you better consider installing a cooling system – like a patio mist.

Consider Using Shades

The easiest way to keep the sun away is by installing shades in the patio. One of the simplest ways is through a patio umbrella. This shade type has various colors that you can pick depending on the patio style. Patio umbrellas come with various materials. 

Keep in mind that the material should stand extreme heat and changing temperatures. A retractable awning, on the other hand, can be another consideration, as long as it has the support needed. All in all, these two options are perfect if you prefer a non-permanent fixture to keep your patio during summer months. Later, when summer is over, you save both the umbrella and awning.

An Outdoor Cooling Fan

It is safe to say that a cooling fan is the best outdoor patio cooling system nowadays. Well, it might not be as effective as other options on this list but you can install it effortlessly. Compared to installing an air conditioner, a cooling fan is way more feasible. 

Other than that, it could save more energy than using an evaporative cooler – while a cooling fan can be a permanent solution in the first place. Another value of installing a fan is that you can keep bugs and other pest kinds away from your patio.

Use an Outdoor Evaporative Cooler

Have you heard of an outdoor evaporative cooler? Homeowners agree that this system is suitable for humid climates. Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, are more familiar indoors. However, you can go with the portable one to keep your patio cool and cozy for summer hangouts. 

This option is also possible if you have no place to install an air conditioner in your patio. Other than that, using an evaporative cooler allows you to enjoy the air up to 5 degrees lower than the current temperature in your patio. All in all, evaporative coolers are perfect for those who look for a budget-friendly yet temporary solution.

Install a Retractable Screen

Do you know that a retractable screen can help to maintain the coolness of the patio in your house? Well, the main purpose of installing a screen is to keep UV at bay. By that, you don’t need to deal with the direct hot temperature from the sun. 

Installing a retractable screen can provide a certain extent of UV protection. Other than that, it keeps you cool while you hangout with loved ones on the patio. Sometimes, insects may come inside your patio. The presence of a screen, on the other hand, will keep them at bay.

Build a Pergola

In case you prefer something permanent – you have room for that – then you should consider installing a pergola. The presence of pergola will increase the appearance and value of your house. On the other hand, the main purpose of this element – which is putting a shade on your patio – is well delivered. 

However, keep in mind that this pergola matches the style of your house in general. Later, you can decorate this area by installing bright stringed lights or colorful flowers – your call. Adding curtains to the pergola is also a great idea, in case you want to hangout at night and don’t want the insects interfere with your nighttime.

Create a Pool

There is nothing more fun than spending your summer days in a private pool. Thus, instead of going to a local pool area, why don’t you install a pool in your patio or any outdoor space in your house? Well, budget might be an aspect that you should consider.

However, today, you can even install a portable pool for a patio. In case it is possible to build an in-ground pool then this option should be on your list. By installing a pool, you already have an outdoor cooling aspect without having to purchase a specific cooling system in the first place. Yet, keep in mind that the pool design should align with the style of your house in the first place.

Final Words

There are various things you can do to keep the patio cool during summer days. From installing shades to consider using an outdoor cooling fan, those options are always open. However, you have to determine how much your budget is.

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