Teak root furniture in Indonesia is an eco-friendly but antique furniture collection. Teak is natural materials that every parts can be used for our living needs, including the root. Despite of wasting the materials, teak root can be crafted into useful furniture products, and has economic value.

In Java, it crafted into furniture such as, teak root coffee table, console table, side table, teak root dining table, end table, stools, teak root bench, and wood carving like teak root. Due to natural materials, each products is unique in shape.

Teak root furniture you can buy from Indonesia

Can’t be denied that Indonesia has huge resources of teak tree. The plantation of teak tree are cultivated and managed by Indonesian Government. The teak root cluster is harvested and can be supplied to any region in Indonesia, including Java. By Indonesia furniture manufacturer and supplier, then it crafted into furniture products.

Teak root is strong, sturdy, artistic, and unique for each products. Here are some products that most desired in worldwide market.

Teak Root Coffee Table

Coffee table made from original teak root is attractive and eye catching. When people look into living indoor or outdoor home design that has teak root coffee table, somehow it will added artistic value. Buying teak root from Jepara manufacturer, we can have one of a kind teak root coffee table. Because every single products of root is will have their unique in shape. Not only for personal use, teak root coffee table also used for furniture in hotels, cafes and restaurants.

Teak Root Console Table

Console table is beneficial furniture that have many usabilities. It can be decorative and functional as well. Moreover, we have console table made from teak root, it will add more artistic room decor. To be functional, the top of teak root console table are cut into flat top and some models are added with glass top. It can applied in living room, bedroom, dining room as well, and put decoration things on top of it.

Wood Carving Teak Root

Never wasting any raw materials from teak wood. Even small pieces of teak wood root can be crafted into kind of accessories or wood carving furniture such as, plates, mirror, wall decoration, sculpture, and any small decoration for making our rooms more beautiful and artsy. This kind of products is complementary with main furniture products that you can buy from Indonesia.

Benefits of Teak Root Furniture

  • Made from solid teak wood root
  • Strong and durable
  • Lifetime products
  • Natural Finished
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Sturdy design for commercial and residential use
  • Usability for indoors or outdoors.

Take Care Furniture of Teak Root

Teak has natural oil content that benefits you from take caring teak root furniture. The oil content protect it from insects and any moisture. Teak root furniture only need small effort, just clean with damp cloth every 1-2weeks for indoor use.

For outdoor it doesn’t need to give oil treatment. As naturally in outdoor if get direct sun light, the color will turn from honey brown into grey patina. The grey-patina color give very natural teak root looks, and some people love it. But if want to maintain the honey color, we suggest to give water base (not oil) product for teak every 5-6months. If you supply teak root furniture from us, we can give additional water base.

Wholesale Teak Root Furniture

Posteak Furniture as prominent teak furniture manufacturer in Jepara, can provide you with wholesale custom teak root furniture. Furniture such as coffee table, console table with glass top, mirror teak root, wall root decoration are most popular products that we export for custom teak root in worldwide market.

Supply for your furniture business even its retail shop, wholesale, and project for hotels, restaurants. Teak root furniture collection will suits for artsy decor indoor and outdoor as well.

Contact us to buy wholesale teak root furniture from Indonesia, you can contact us via email [email protected] to get best price quote. We are really sure for our quality, handcrafted and manufactured.