Teak (Tectona grandis) is known to be one of the strongest and most durable hardwoods material for porches, decks, and outdoor patio furniture. Teak is also the latest trend in the furniture industry, especially for outdoor furniture, and it is easy for you to find this natural material at the top of the list as it is now notably making an appearance in many luxury homes.

Teak furniture care
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Choosing teak furniture is an excellent investment. Teak is valued for its classic beauty and high quality that can be passed down as an heirloom for many generations to come. It is also very versatile as it can be used for many types of indoor and outdoor furniture such as patio sets, mirrors, shower stools, bathroom vanities, and many more.

Teak furniture is favored by many because other than its durability, practicality, and lavish look, teak furniture also requires very little to no maintenance. Well, it does not necessarily mean you don’t have to take proper care of it, but it means that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in maintaining its best quality.

Minimal maintenance and caring teak furniture such as cleaning its surfaces every once in a while will suffice and they will still last for more decades to come. Hence, you also need to be aware fundamental knowledge of teak characteristics so, you know how to properly clean teak furniture to avoid damage or incorrect treatments.

Natural Oil Of Teak Wood

Teak is unique compared to other wood materials. Not only that it is strong and durable, but teak also produces its oil and has a high wax content. It is an ideal material for outdoor furniture as it contains natural oils that repel water that makes it waterproof as well as weather-proof.

It can remain outside in any climate throughout the years without any care or need for protection. Its natural oils also make it resistant to pests and insects, including termites.

Step by Step Cleaning Teak Furniture

  1. Rinse teak product thoroughly with a hose on a medium setting. Do not use a strong pressure setting, this will damage the wood.
  2. Prepare water in a bucket.
  3. Get and put smooth brush/sponge in water and then gently begin scrubbing your furniture.
  4. Make sure when cleaning, scrub with the grain, not against it.
  5. Don’t’ forget to gently scrub in between cracks and in corners.
  6. Brush diligently but not too harsh to make sure to not damage the wood.
  7. After finish brushing, rinse the teak product with clean water from hose then scrub with a drying cloth and let dry naturally with sunlight.

Natural Aging Process Into Grey Color of Teak Wood

New pieces of teak furniture will come in honey or brown color, which is teak’s natural state. However, teak furniture that is being put outdoors will naturally begin to slowly change color from honey or brown tone to a silver-grey. But, don’t worry. It is a natural process and completely normal and does not affect the longevity of your outdoor furniture. It is simply a result of the expansion and contraction of the wood due to changes in the weather and environment.

How to Maintain Original Honey Colored Teak Furniture

If you wish to preserve its natural color, a teak cleaner is recommended. First of all, you need to scrub the surface of the wood using a teak cleaner.

Clean with teak cleaner

  • Remove stain using water and rub with cloth or brush.
  • Scrub inline with the grain when cleaning furniture, not against it. It makes the dirt inside wood fiber can easily out.
  • Don’t forget to scrub in the corner spot.
  • Apply teak cleaner then rub it with a soft cloth, and let it dry.

After cleaning, you can apply a teak sealer to prevent the color from decaying any further and make the honey-brown color appear again. The sealer can be applied with a spray bottle, brush, or rag. The application should dry quickly and the furniture can be used again the following day. To ensure that it will last, the sealer must be regularly applied for continuous protection. One or two times a year will be adequate.

A proper teak sealer will protect your furniture from UV rays and inhibits the growth of mildew. It is highly recommended to choose and use an environmentally-friendly sealer that is designed specifically for teak. 

Apply teak sealer water-based

  1. After washed teak furniture thoroughly with water and a teak cleaner, rub with a soft cloth.
  2. Allow it to dry in the sun for two weeks to open up the grain before moving to the next step. 
  3. Spray with a teak sealer into wood then rub with free cloth.

These are the most commonly used, eco-safe teak sealers and protectors from Golden Care

teak furniture care with bioduco

Posteak treatment’s of our teak furniture products before exporting is we use water-based products from Bioduco®. In purpose to maintain the honey-brown color without affecting the natural color. The product is safe and eco-friendly and doesn’t have a strong smell. It can be applied for outdoor every 7-8 months.

Should You Oil Teak Furniture?

As we mentioned earlier, teak produced its natural oil. Oiling teak furniture with oil products is generally not necessary.

Many people assume that using teak oil can bring out a rich golden color in your teak furniture, but it won’t last for long. Most products sold as “teak oil” are made out of linseed oil that can drain the natural oils from the wood. It will also begin to rely on external oils so you will need to continuously reapply every three or four months for the lifetime of your furniture. Applying teak oil can also stimulate the growth of fungus and mildew. 

It is important also to note that teak should not be painted or varnished. Paint or varnish will chip and feel after a short period and may lead to creating an ugly appearance. The natural oil that teak produces will prevent paints and varnishes from properly adhering to the wood. It is best to leave your furniture naturally or protect them using a few coats of sealant. 

Cleaning Teak Furniture from Stain

Sometimes coffee or tea may leave stains on your teak furniture. To prevent stains from spilling onto your teak furniture, you can wipe it up quickly with soapy water and a soft-bristled scrub brush. However, stains that have stayed longer may need a more thorough cleaning with the teak cleaner.

You can use a light sanding of the very top layer of your teak furniture using grade sandpaper and finish off with a fine grade to make the surface look nice and smooth again.

To brush the surface, make sure that you avoid using a brass brush, steel wool, or a pressure washer to clean the surface as it will result in rust spots on your furniture. Using a brass brush or pressure washer can lead to a rough, splintery surface. 

Take Care Teak Furniture for Winter

Teak outdoor furniture, teak garden, are extremely supposed to be in outdoor areas. When in winter is coming, probably we must think “can it be left outside in winter?”. Yes, it can, although, teak wood is strong and durable, still, it has high moisture content. It is a better idea to cover or move it indoors during winter. Especially when you bought new teak furniture. If still want to be left outside, avoid to put in wet conditions, such as grass. However, when winter is done, it will get dirty and need to be cleaned.

take care outdoor furniture in winter
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Do’s and Don’ts On Teak Furniture Care (Summary)


  • Regularly clean with dry cloth and clean water
  • Scrub inline with the grain when rubbing teak furniture
  • Maintain honey brown color with teak sealer or water-based every 7-8 months
  • Covering teak furniture when in winter or extremely harsh weather.


  • …use oil products for your outdoor teak furniture
  • …paint your teak furniture, is not recommended in case is not really necessary
  • …use hard steel wool or brass brush to clean
  • …use hard chemicals products for cleaning

The bottom line, this is our discussion about how to care teak furniture. With minimal care, your teak furniture can last a lifetime. Even though the products might be a little pricey, it is worth all the money spent. The classic styling and superior longevity of teak furniture bring both elegance and comfort to your homes for many years to come.