Indonesia Rattan furniture is another option that you can have besides the teak ones, it is easily found in several places and one of them is in Indonesia. For your information, mostly this material can even replace woods since it is quite strong.

The public’s interest in this stuff never recedes from time to time. That is why various manufacturers with these basic materials are constantly innovating to produce exciting and functional new collections. Those are sold in a national or international market.

Maybe you often ask: what are the advantages of this object over wood as the popular material most widely sold wood materials on the market? It is an interesting topic that needs to answer because it is especially if you want to use this thing in your interior or exterior property parts soon.

The Indonesian rattan furniture is now coming with beautiful designs and styles. It can look so traditional, but you could also combine it with the modern, classic, or rustic concept. Before buying this stuff, here is the further information you should know.

rattan furniture indonesia

The Pros of Rattan Furniture from Indonesia

This product has so many pros. The first one is that its lightweight characteristic, it has super lightweight compared to other materials. That is why; it is suitable for the good that is often moved around, for example, is a crib.

The baby crib made from this material is not heavy. You don’t even need to buy more than one crib to be placed in multiple rooms in the house. The second advantage is durability. It’s no secret that furniture made by rattan also has strong durability.

Although the weight is super light, the rattan is able to withstand fantastic amounts of weight, this is what makes rattan often used for the basic materials of sofas and beds. You don’t have to worry about rattan furniture will quickly break down if it has been used for a long time

The third reason is its affordable price. The rattan furniture Indonesia is cheaper than other materials, especially teak. Price is often the main consideration when choosing household needs, it is because you definitely want to set aside a budget for other household goods.

The Beautiful Physical Look

Besides the reason above, it cannot be denied that the products made from this natural object also have the attractive look. Using this material is a smart idea to create a natural look on your property and it is not only for a house but for other properties you have.

Examples are like café, hotels, restaurants, and even your office. Its natural color is so typical. A lot of experts said that the most recommended concepts that you could combine are the rustic and classic ethnic. They are so interesting.

For this rattan furniture, you can maintain its natural color, however, it is also possible to paint these products with some shades. The most popular one is for sure white. The texture of this material will absorb that pain better than wood.

That is why; the colors you applied will be looked more amazing. The bright shades such as blue, red, and yellow are the other ideas that you may apply. It means that you could also create a modern concept for the interior or exterior area.

Does It Need the Finishing Touch?

In fact, just like other household products, this rattan furniture can be divided into two different things. It is based on where you will place this stuff. Those are indoors and outdoor. Various designs and items are available to choose from.

You need to do the right and regular caring to ensure that this product is always stunning and functional. The first protection to have is giving them the finishing touch. It can be done by using a special liquid and make sure to choose the best one.

This finishing liquid is also divided into some different types. That finishing should use the right paint material. Their surface is quite slippery, but in the end, there are pores that have to be closed. The surface is different from wood that has more pores.

Actually, you can choose to use a solid or natural color, this selection depends on your taste and needs. If you want to display natural looking rattan furniture then choose a finishing that uses natural colors such as varnish.

Kinds of Furniture Made from Rattan

Some people maybe know that this material is able to be used as a material to create a chair. It can be the common chair for your indoor area or for the garden. In fact, it can be created into other innovative products which are so good-looking.

An example is a baby crib. It is a brand new innovation made by creative people. Another option is the one set of rattan furniture, you could choose the synthetic or natural materials. It depends on your choice and budget.

This set consists of the table, chair, and stool, usually, it is used for outdoor areas such as your back or front yard. To make it is more artistic; add a wide umbrella just like the one that you can find in several villas and hotels.

In several places, this good can be also created into a unique item. The example is the hanging lamp cover, vase, and more. You can purchase these products from various online and conventional stores around your house.

Mix and Match is the Key

It is no doubt again that the rattan furniture Indonesia is so unique and stylish. However, this thing can have more value and becomes more beautiful if you match it with other items. The examples are the ones made from teak materials.

To create the industrial look, you can also add several iron concepts and more. For the chair, attaching the seat cushions will make it has the modern nuance. There are so many ideas on the internet that you can use as inspiration.

The most practical thing to do is purchasing that materials need from a trusted and professional factory. Find out the latest rattan furniture and teak products for your dream home’s design.