Choosing a piece of outdoor furniture is trickier than the ones used for a living room. Not only do people have to pay attention to the durability of the furniture but also the material. Now from all the materials, there are, what is the best outdoor furniture material that people should choose?

One of the things that people need to pay attention to before choosing a material is the weather and condition of the environment. If you happen to live in a place that has heavy rain and is normally moist, then make sure to choose a material that is durable in that situation. On the other hand, if you live in a hot area, choose a type of material that can resist the sun. Now, to help you out, here are some of the best outdoor materials that you can consider:

1. Wood

What is the best outdoor furniture material that people should choose? Well, one of the materials you can consider is wood. This material has been popular for millennia and is still famous until now. Not only is it durable for any kind of condition but it also has natural beauty. However, please note that not all types of woods are suitable for outdoor usage. Some type of wood that you can use for outdoor usage are softwood, pine, hardwood to cedar.

2. Metal

One of the strongest and most used materials for outdoor furniture is metal. This material is normally used for garden furniture because it is durable for the sun and rain. Metal is also a great option because people can combine it with other kinds of material and it will still look good.

However, the only cons about this material are that it can get hot if it heats up in the sun too long. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, it is best to cover the furniture with some fabrics. From many kinds of metals, aluminum and stainless steel are the most used materials for outdoor furniture.

3. Resin & Plastic

Even though resin and plastic are not as heavy and strong as metal, this material is suitable for outdoor furniture. As it is plastic, it can resist cold and hot weather and it is durable. Another great thing about resin and plastic is that it is light-weighted, inexpensive, and comes in a variety of models. The only concern about plastic is that it might be too light for some conditions.

4. Tempered Glass

If you’re looking for an elegant material, then tempered glass is recommended. However, this material is quite heavy so it can’t be used for all kinds of furniture. But if you choose the right furniture, this material can deliver a smooth and elegant look.

5. Concrete

The last material on the list is concrete. From all the options above, concrete is surely one of the most recommended materials because it can look good but is also durable for all kinds of weather. If you like an industrial look, then this material is surely a great choice.

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So, what is the best outdoor furniture material to use for your garden? Well, try out the materials above and adjust them with the weather in your area. However, if you want the best and safest material then try out concrete.