For many people, the most difficult part when arranging the dining room is determining the best sizes of pieces. You must be able to determine whether your new dining table is suitable and fits in your dining room. Therefore, you should know the standard width of dining table, including the length and height.

By knowing the standard width, height, and length of the dining table, you will find it easier to arrange your dining room. So, you have a comfortable and stylish dining room. Before you know the tips for determining the best size for a dining table, let’s get to know the standard width of dining table below:

Standard Width of Dining Table

When you have a dining room and want to buy dining room furniture, you will ask, what is the right size of the dining table for this room? However, this question cannot be answered simply because there are several more questions that you must answer.

For example, you should know what the dimensions of your dining room are? Or, how many people you would like to seat? That is an important factor when you want to consider the best dining table size for you.

Moreover, most dining tables are made according to standard sizes. So, the standard width of dining table is 36 to 40 inches. While the standard dining table height is 29 to 31 inches. Then, the standard length of the dining table so varied. Usually, the length of the dining table depends on how many people are sitting at the table.

This is because the number of seats varies and there are differences in the layout of table legs and chair sizes. For example, for seats 4 to 6 people, the standard table length is 68 – 72″. Then, for seats 8 to 10 people, 80 – 92″ is the standard length of the dining table.

Tips For Determining The Best Size Dining Table For Your Space

Once you know the standard width and height of the dining table, it will be easier for you to determine the right dining table for you. However, there are times when you want to customize the dining table. Therefore, you need tips on how to determine the right size for the dining table for your dining room.

In determining the length of the table, give 1′ per person you intend to sit. This size provides a more comfortable space for people who sit. However, if necessary, you can include additional people. Then, apply 2-3′ to each side of the table. The size allows enough space when you pull out the chair.

The ideal amount of space is 3′ but if you want to squeeze the table, you can give it 2′. Another tip is, you can consider other furniture that you use. Make sure you leave enough space between the other pieces and your dining table. So, everyone who sits at the dining table will feel comfortable.

Information about the standard width of dining table, height, and length can be used as a reference when arranging your dining room. Also, you can have an estimate of whether the dining table will fit in your dining room. If you are looking for a stylish dining table with the best quality, you can contact us or fill out the contact form on our website.