Most furniture has its own standard measurement, even if the custom build is also available. Especially the furniture for the common area like the dining table. Without proper standard dimensions for dining table, it would be a nuisance.

Some people might protest that it’s too short or too high. Then, on the other occasion, some might also complain if the top table is too wide and it’s hard to get the dish. That’s why standard dimensions are to prevent these cases.

Height Standard Measurement

The standard dimension for dining table height is around 29-31 inches. This is the standardized height compared to the average of people’s height. Thus, usually, people tend to get this height for the dining table instead of the other.

Aside from the standard height for the dining table, there’s also counter height. Usually, counter people height a dining table for a casual occasion or a cafe. This counter height is about 36 inches.

Top Table Standard Dimensions

Although each manufacturer or furniture workshop’s product may vary, the measurement is about the same size. Therefore, if you’re about to get one for home, you should check the dimension first. Then, compare it with your dining room – is it creating a good balance or not. Thus, here’s the standard dimension that you can use to measure based on its type:

1. Rectangular Dining Table

The first one that we’re uncovering is the rectangular-shaped dining table. The length of the top table varies, depending on the number of seats. The smallest would be for 4 to 6 people with only 36×48 inches square. Then, the biggest is around 36 x 78 inches square that is spacious enough for 10 to 12 people.

2. Round Dining Table

Aside from the rectangular one, the round dining table is also common to find. Then, the width of the tabletop varies based on the number of seats.

If you’re looking for a table that can accommodate only 4 people, then you may get away with only a 36-44 inches diameter tabletop. Meanwhile, for up to 6 people, it should be 44-54 inches in diameter and 54-72 inches in diameter for 10 people at most.

3. Oval Dining Table

If you don’t like the round shape of your dining table, then why don’t opt for the oval shape instead? Again, the tabletop size is depending on the seat count.

To accommodate 4 to 6 people, you need at least the top table with 36 inches diameter and 56 inches long. If you need a big table with up to 12 people at once, then get the top size of 36 inches in diameter by 84 inches long.

4. Square Dining Table

Although the shape is common, the square dining table has a charm that makes it unique on its own. Thus, you have to get at least 33 by 33 inches square for 4 people. This is the common measurement for comfortable dining without bumping one elbow after another.

Those are the standard dimensions for dining table with various types of top tables. For those of you who’re looking for a dining table, we can get it for you. Simply give us a call or drop your quote through our web form.