It is a dream most people have a comfortable house and have their own charm. Because it does not only spoil the eyes of its residents but also can give a pleasant impression to guests. If you want to make this happen, then you can use modern contemporary furniture to complement your private room.

Modern contemporary furniture

What can you get from Modern Contemporary Furniture?

Modern contemporary furniture or can be interpreted as a furniture product that utilizes teak wood to be shaped and used as home furniture, such as chairs, tables, doors, cupboards, and many more. The basic ingredients of one of these types of trees are superior to other raw materials, such as:

100% Genuine Teak Wood

One of the advantages possessed by teak wood is its durability. The basic material of the tree can even be used for up to 100 years. So do not be surprise if most of the antiques come from him. However, in this case, the owner also needs to carry out routine maintenance.

To keep furniture from teak wood, it is enough to do it by cleaning it from dust and dirt regularly, for example every 2 days so that it doesn’t easily form crusts on the surface of your home furniture. If done well, it will last for years.

Quality Finishing

Usually, some home furniture, such as chairs and tables, often experience mold when it is entering the rainy season so that it makes it look less attractive. This is because the surface of the wood is easily damp so it is overgrown with microbes.

However, the basic paint that is the choice of various furniture companies is very resistant to various weather, both rainy and dry seasons. Sunburn is also not able to make the color fade.

Anti Termite

Furniture that does not use layers as a basic material will be easily attacked by termites or similar animals. This is because the furniture product, even though it is fairly modern, has a low quality material so it is easily rotted and porous.

Modern furniture needs to be supported by quality materials such as teak or layers with dense veins. It is uses a natural anti-wing resin so that it not only gives the impression of luxury but is also durable and prevents insect attack.

Years of warranty

Teak tree is knownable as the basic material for making modern furniture. Which is very sturdy because the wood grain is so strong and contains natural resins. That way home furniture can last a long time. No wonder you will get a warranty of more than 5 years.

In addition, choosing the type of furniture that is prestigious is also very important because the sturdiness of the furniture also affects age. Don’t let you choose less quality furniture products so that they don’t collapse easily when used by family or guests.

Weighted Solid Furniture

Posteak Furniture provides a product that is made from the basic material of teak wood, solid properties and has a volume ratio so large that it seems heavy.

So, don’t be surprised if you buy furniture products in the form of modern teak furniture that is more difficult to move than other items, such as plastic.

The presence of a solid nature and a large volume ratio is very beneficial to the owner. The intensity of the weight of modern furniture. This indicates that the furniture is very sturdy so that it can last longer than other items even up to 10 years of age.

Several Product Options of Modern Contemporary Furniture

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Choosing furniture products made of teak wood is not enough, you must also pay attention to the quality of the selected furniture by considering the sturdiness and stability of the furniture. The following are some of the design options below:

Anti Defective Product Design

Not only teak wood, all the furniture products offered have low prices so that buyers still want to choose them. Therefore, don’t be easily tempted by offers at a lower price because you also need to consider the quality.

If a modern furniture product turns out to be defective, a repair guarantee will be given or even replace it with a new product. This of course can keep you profitable when buying it. However, first, check the furniture until you are completely satisfied shopping.

Modern Anti Hole Design

Modern furniture that has a perforated surface can ensure that the product lacks quality. The hole is an indication of pest or insect attack and is considered the home of these small animals. In other words, it is fragile and not solid.

It’s different, only with the products here, which are somewhat more elegant with a variety of quality finishes, resulting in no gaps. If there are holes before, it will definitely be done with the best paint quality in its class.

Aesthetic Design

An old teak tree will produce wood with a sturdy construction and have a more attractive pattern so that it looks more aesthetic. This is the main dish of Posteak Furniture with a variety of other interesting choices.

If you are still having trouble choosing old teak wood, here it also describes some of its characteristics, such as a denser and denser texture, a large volume ratio so that it seems quite heavy, and when you tap it very hard and also has a slightly reddish brown color.

Symmetrical Design

The symmetrical shape of a piece of furniture can be a reference for the quality of the product. The better the shape of the furniture of your choice, then you can be sure that the price will also be higher because the process requires precision in order to give the best results.

In addition, the symmetrical shape of the furniture is also excellent among buyers, so you need to prepare excessive funds to buy it.

Don’t hesitate if you have to spend extra money. Because products from Posteak Furniture are of high quality, durable, and also sturdy.

Contemporary Construction Design

It is not uncommon if the damage that occurs in modern furniture is not only caused by insects or pests.

However, this is due to the fact that the construction of the furniture was not carried out properly so that the construction was not done perfectly.

If you want to buy the latest chair furniture, you should try to sit on it first. If it is believed and proven to be solid, you can buy it immediately. This also applies to some other furniture, but the way to try varies.

Some Things You Should Look For When Choosing Modern Contemporary Furniture

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Don’t be in a hurry to choose your favorite furniture, but pay attention to a few important points below:

Choose Modern Furniture that is Comfortable to Use

Comfort is the main factor when buying modern furniture. It can also determine your satisfaction after buying it.

Therefore, make sure you are really comfortable when trying the selected furniture before buying so as not to cause disappointment later.

The comfort factor can also be a determinant of the treatment you provide. The more comfortable using it, the stronger the owner’s desire to take care of modern furniture so that it can last longer for years.

Adjust the Furniture Design to Each Taste

One of the factors that can affect the attractiveness of home furniture is the design. So you need to adjust it to your wants and needs.

In addition, the suitability of living conditions also needs to be considered in order to maintain a harmonious impression.

The suitability of the furniture design with the residential concept you want can add to the comfortable impression of being at home.

That way, various activities with the family can be done more fun. Therefore, make sure to choose unique and attractive furniture.

Buy Products at Posteak Furniture

A shop can be a rough indicator of the quality of the furniture you are going to buy. Especially if the buyer has insufficient knowledge about quality household furniture. So, they only need to go to the Posteak Furniture seller outlet because it is trusted.

These parties guarantee that their products are good and have a high reputation. No wonder it presents a variety of quality modern furniture to maintain its credibility in the eyes of buyers.

Do not hesitate to ask the seller

As a wise buyer, you must put aside your feelings of reluctance to ask the seller about the product to be purchased. For example, about where to get the basic materials for making their products because this is considered very important.

The reason is, teak wood planted in different areas will also produce different qualities. This is because the types of soil in each place are so diverse. Based on the survey, the basic materials for the best modern contemporary furniture are East Java, then Central Java and then West Java.

Pay attention to the finishing of the furniture

Finishing is one of the factors related to the quality of furniture products. There are several things that need to be considered to control this, namely the color of the furniture evenly covering the surface, the pores of the wood are covered perfectly, and have a smooth surface and also do not form waves.

The finishing technique can also affect the durability of the product. If done properly, the colors of the modern furniture will not fade quickly and will still look attractive in the long term. You can ask the seller about the technique.

Do not be tempted by cheap prices

As previously explained, don’t let you be tempted by cheap modern furniture prices because quality can very much depend on the price. Usually low-quality furniture will be offered free of charge.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have to prepare more funds as long as you get the best quality furniture. This can also benefit the buyer because good quality will last longer and have a sturdy construction.

Some Reasons Customers Keep Shopping at Posteak Furniture

Consumer satisfaction provides fresh air in order to improve the quality of the products provided. Some of them revealed their reasons when shopping for furniture, here are the reviews:

Able to Prevent Corrosion to Iron or Metal

Currently, the modern world of furniture has begun to combine wood from teak trees with metal to make various furniture for homes. As a result, it seems so luxurious and has a more complex function, such as in terms of creating a swing where there is a combination of two types of materials.

Teak wood has the ability to balance the moisture content in it so that iron or metal combined with this material can avoid corrosion and even brown stains in the form of rust. Through this combination, your home furnishings can last longer.

Professional Process

Although teak wood furniture is very sturdy and durable, the basic material is basically so easy to cut and shape into various types of modern furniture. Moreover, if you want to have a carved chair, then it is the right choice because it is considered superior.

Household furniture with a teak wood base material is very easy to saw and cut according to your wishes, so it is very suitable as an option. Not only sturdy and durable, the furniture is also more aesthetically valuable and has a profitable selling price.

Resistant To Moisture

Modern furniture which is currently popular has the ability to anticipate the excess moisture content in this material so it is possible to avoid humid environmental conditions. High humidity can make furniture easier to grow mold.

Not only fungi, insect attacks such as termites and similar animals can make furniture porous and no longer sturdy, aka easy to collapse. Therefore, teak wood is the right choice to be used as the basic material for making Posteak Furniture to make it more durable.

Has High Selling Value

Furniture made from this company is very durable and durable, even difficult to be attacked by various kinds of insects or even fungi. In addition, it is very sturdy with many modern, antique, classic and even minimalist furniture motifs.

Through this statement, it will be very profitable if you invest in modern furniture from us. The reason is, the furniture can still generate substantial profits even if it has reached 15 years of age as long as it is properly and regularly cared for.

Comes with a unique charm and style

If the teak tree is split, the wood grain will appear so straight and has a high aesthetic value, so it is very suitable to complement your home furnishings. Moreover, a slightly golden brown color can create a luxurious impression on modern furniture.

Not only that, the natural tint on the surface can give texture and be quite unique in its own charm. You can get this natural beauty easily so that modern furniture at home has a more function, which is to lengthen the eye that looks at it.

Equipped with High Stability

Another advantage that modern furniture has from this product is that it has high stability. This means that the wood is very sturdy and fairly durable, even up to 100 years as long as the owner takes good care of it and is done regularly.

This product is also coated with quality finishing materials, so the main composition of the basic ingredients of the furniture product will be very durable and its shape can be maintained or not easily warped and wrinkled for years. Therefore, make sure you choose modern indoor furniture from us.

Those are some reviews regarding the importance of choosing modern contemporary furniture or furniture made of teak wood. Besides being sturdy, it turns out that this material also gives an aesthetic impression to your home. Be sure to pay attention to the above before buying.