Indonesian mahogany furniture is the most sought after product after teak furniture in Indonesia. People who order mahogany wood usually use the product to make antique reproduction style furniture. Compared to teak or rosewood, mahogany furniture is superior since it is more beautiful and classy.

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The Characters of Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood is one of the typical wood from the tropics. So this wood can only live in areas that have a tropical climate and one of them is Indonesia.

In Indonesia, mahogany wood is very famous, especially in Java, it has such a high price so that many people are interested to make it an excellent commodity in the market. Mahogany needs 7 to 15 years to reach the size of the wood that can be cut. This time is much shorter than the growing period of teak trees or Sonokeling trees.

The characteristics that exist in mahogany wood are very special and even exist in this type of wood only. This characteristic is also the reason why many people are interested in buying Indonesian mahogany furniture. Features on mahogany wood: The middle part of mahogany is usually pink (or pale) but there is also dark red mahogany whose color is similar to the color of the heart when its age very old (more than 25 years).

Fiber that is contained in mahogany wood is straight and integrated. The texture of mahogany wood is fine and small. The quality from mahogany wood is known to be good and durable.

Mahogany Wood in the Furniture Industry

As we all know, mahogany is popular with its function as wood carpentry. Since this type of wood is easy to be cut and shaped, that is why mahogany became so popular as the raw material in manufacture of many kinds of handicrafts and furniture products. The products are carving furniture, chairs, tables, cabinets, children furniture etc. Even in some cases, mahogany is also used as substitute material for teak wood. 

Indonesian Mahogany Furniture at Posteak
Posteak Furniture: Teak & Mahogany Furniture Production

This all happened since the amount of supply from mahogany. With such a short period of time to grow, the amount of supply is more than enough so that the price can be much cheaper than teak wood.

It could be the main reason why wood processing industries take them much since that amount of supply can overcome the raw material scarcity problem. At the end of the day, the continuity of the mahogany wood production can keep being maintained and being smooth.

Because of this, it is not surprising that mahogany wood is widely known and has become the basic material for making furniture in Indonesia. In conclusion, the thing that makes mahogany popular is because of its good quality and cheap price.

Mahogany Vs Teak Wood Furniture

We all know that teak wood is the winner, hence the market is wide. Not all furniture needs to made from teak wood. Even more for painted furniture. Teak wood characteristics are not recommended if it paints with colors. People in this day still like the natural color, finishing of real teak wood. So, mahogany is the best substitute material for painted furniture styles.

Posteak’s one of most-selling in recent years for the European market is painted mahogany furniture. The base and body constructed from mahogany and some combined with teak wood as the top of the doors. The combination makes valuable furniture, yet you still can save the price, other than furniture made from 100% teak wood.

Indonesian mahogany furniture Posteak at market

That furniture matches with classic, American style furniture, European furniture. Comes with quality paint finishing. This collection still a great customer’s choice to sell in the furniture market.

Quality of Indonesian Mahogany Furniture

The quality in question is long-lasting durability and its material that is very easy to carve. Wood material that is easily carved certainly becomes another value since the more detailed carvings on wood furniture, the more expensive the value will be.

You can use mahogany with its natural color as a filler part of the wood stain. And in order to clear coat, that would be the best to choose to doff color that invites the amazing side of mahogany.

In order to keep maintaining the function of mahogany-based furniture due to its durable quality, you have to do these tips:

  1. Do not put mahogany-based furniture outdoor because mahogany wood is very susceptible to the disruption of wood pests.
  2. Clean regularly the mahogany-based furniture that you own.
  3. In addition, you need to regularly spray them to avoid wooden pests.

The other thing that you need to note that key in using a mahogany wood for the furniture is to always make sure that keep being dry because they are not like teak wood, mahogany wood are not for damp and wet condition.

And also, keep consistent in giving them anti-termites and woodworm insects. Indonesian mahogany usually carry those insects so that you need to give a proper treatment before and after manufacturing. If you handle them right, mahogany-based furniture can live so long even for your lifetime.

So, if you are planning to own mahogany furniture from Indonesia, it is important to choose the right seller or producer in Indonesia so you can get the best version of mahogany furniture. Do not hesitate to ask many things if you need to ask. It is indeed very popular and it will be very easy to find them but have some awareness for you. 

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