Chatting and gathering outdoors is a pleasant way to spend time with friends and family. Therefore, you need to place furniture out there, and many put their choice for the wooden material. To do that, you have to know how to waterproof wood furniture for outdoors to protect your furniture from natural and weather exposure.

Why Does Wood Furniture Need Waterproof Treatment?

For centuries, humans have loved to craft wood and turn it into many things, including furniture. Because it is easier to cut and shape and form, compared to the other materials. The problem is, wood tends to be damage-prone when it meets water. 

Moreover, if you put it outside and expose it to the weather and natural surroundings. With the higher humidity and moisture exposure, wood furniture might be wrapping, swelling, or even rotting. 

Therefore, to prevent those things, you need to know how to waterproof wood furniture outdoors. This treatment not only protects the wood from water but also protects it from its natural cycle and insects. 

Outdoor Waterproofing Guide

To waterproof outdoor wood furniture, we found three ways to do it. These methods proved to give protection for wood furniture you place outdoors and maintain it for its best condition. Here are the methods you can try:

1. Use Oil Finishing

The first method was used for centuries to protect wood material from natural exposure. All you have to do is to rub a mixture that contains natural oils such as linseed oil and tung oil. You can make the mixture yourself by combining one of those oils, polyurethane, and mineral spirits by 1:1:1 ratio.

Then, apply the mixture on the wooden surface of your furniture by rubbing it using cloth. Before the rubbing, make sure to clean and sand the surface.

2. Use Sealant

If you don’t think that natural oil mixture will keep the insect away, then you can try the chemical product sealant. To seal the wooden surface and keep it in its best condition despite its age, you can use products like polyurethane, lacquer, or varnish.

To apply, you have to use a brush to coat the previously cleaned and sanded wooden material. Also, you have to make sure to not shake or stir sealants because even small actions can create an air bubble and it will remain even after the sealant dries. Furthermore, you have to apply the product at room temperature with good ventilation. 

3. Use Stain-Sealant

If you’re placing the furniture in an extreme environment such as placing it right under the sky, then you should choose stain-sealant instead. This product provides for the multipurpose of protection and adding color simply by one brush.

But when using this product, make sure to reapply it at least once a year or two for maintaining purpose. That way, your wooden furniture will be in its best condition. 

Knowing how to waterproof wood furniture for outdoors might be handy but also tiring if you do it yourself. That’s why the best option is simply to call us to provide you with good wooden furniture for the outdoors.