Musty smells that come out from furniture can be disturbing. Washing the furniture can remove the smell, but this step is complicated and can be pricey. Therefore, let’s learn how to get musty smells out of furniture more easily and quickly.

Stinky smells that come from furniture can be caused by many reasons. Other than the usage, pets and the air in the house is recently the most reason why furniture smells. Well, whatever the reason is here are some ways how to get musty smells out of furniture in an easy way:

1. Dry it Out in the Sun

The easiest step to remove the musty smell from your furniture is by drying it out in the sun. By putting it out in the sun, the smell can evaporate and make your furniture smell better. However, this step is only recommended for small furniture as you will have to lift it out from the house. To prevent the smell from coming back, repeat this step once a week or at least twice a month.

2. Using Baking Soda

If you happen to have an old dresser that has a mild to moderate smell, then try giving it baking soda. Just put some old-fashioned baking soda into a bowl and put it inside the furniture. The bigger the furniture is the more baking soda you will need. If possible, put a bowl in each drawer so the smell can disappear faster. Then, close it up and let it be there for a few days. The baking soda in each drawer will help absorb the smell so that it doesn’t smell bad anymore.

3. Wiping Vinegar & Water

An old-school trick on how to get musty smells out of furniture is using vinegar and water. Mix these two with a ratio of 1:1 and wipe it on the furniture that smells. For a simpler way, you can put the mixture of water into a spraying bottle and spray it on the smelling area. Then using a damp cloth, wipe the wet area and put it out in the sun to dry.

4. Put Coffee or Charcoal

The smell of coffee can eliminate many kinds of stink smell, including the musty smell from furniture. Therefore, to get rid of the smell, try putting some coffee or charcoal into the furniture. Put some coffee into a bag of plastic and put it in the area that smells. Leave it there for as long as you want or until the smell fades away.

5. Use Dehumidify

If your house is warm and moist, then it is best to use a dehumidifier that will take the moisture to the bad smell in the room. Turn the dehumidifier for a few hours each day to get rid of the smell. Turning the tool on will also prevent a bad smell from occurring.

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So, those are the ways how to get musty smells out of furniture. If the smell doesn’t fade away, then it is time for some major cleaning.