In the DIY world, chalk paint became the talk of the town. Thanks to Annie Sloan who invented the product under its brand as the company’s trademark. Plus, the brand goes over a number of tips for working with this paint, including how to distress furniture with chalk paint.

For the DIYers, chalk paint is famous for coloring to give it a more warm and homey feeling. Although you can also use chalk paint to color the wall, it works best for furniture.

What’s So Great about Chalk Paint?

Even though it is called chalk paint, don’t think that this paint will give the same surface effect as the blackboard paint. Because the finished result of chalk paint is smooth with a matte finish, yet giving a chalky effect on the surface.

Aside from that, people love to use chalk paint because it doesn’t require any prep work before the application. You can coat the surface you want to paint with chalk paint right away, without sanding it first. 

Hence, all you have to do is just to make sure that the surface is clean enough and you can start with the painting. Not to mention, you need not be a master in painting to paint with chalk paint. 

As well, when introducing its brand of Chalk Paint, Annie Sloan also introduced various methods that you can try. Amongst others, one method that we have to take into consideration is how to distress furniture with chalk paint. Because the chalk paint will work well with any kind of theme, such as bohemian, farmhouse, minimalist – or any other theme with the vintage feel.

What is Distressing Furniture and How to Do It?

We mentioned distress on several occasions here, so what is that? Distress is a method to create an old effect for furniture, usually wood. By distressing the furniture, you can add several years more than its actual age. Then, here’s how to distress furniture step by step:

  • Get the piece of furniture you want to distress.
  • Prepare for the distressing tools, such as sandpaper, sponge, or cloth.
  • Cleanse the surface of the furniture.
  • Coat the surface of the furniture with chalk paint with your chosen color. People often use two layers of coat, a darker shade for the first layer and the lighter one for the outer. But you can also use only one layer.
  • Distress the furniture once you make sure that the paint dries. In this step, you have to make sure to only distress on the part where it is usually worn over time. Thus, make sure to put distressing details on the corners and edges. The top and raised trim details, including wooden knobs and protrusions, also require some distress.
  • Brush off the dust from the distressing process.
  • Seal the chalk-painted distressed furniture with wax or polyurethane. For options, you can also try to use polyacrylic or glaze with light color. 

How to distress furniture with chalk paint is very popular in DIY home decor. But the problem is most people simply don’t have time to do all the work to produce an aging look for the furniture. For that reason, the best option is simply to get the piece of furniture from our Posteak Furniture. Thus, you need not do the hard labor and let us deliver the desired furniture to your house.