Old and rustic look furniture is always interesting to have or just to look at. For those who like this type of furniture, don’t worry because you don’t need to go to the flea market to get one. If you happen to have a piece of unused furniture in the house, then distress the paint. To make sure you get good-looking furniture, let’s learn how to distress furniture paint.

To make your existing furniture look rustic, all you need is some sandpaper, paint, candle, rags or cloths, and paintbrushes. If you have these materials and tools, then you are ready to work. For more detail, here is how to distress furniture paint so they look old but good:

1. Sand the Furniture

The first thing you must do is sand all the surface area of the furniture. If there is a surface that is painted or covered with polyurethane, then you’ll need to sand it a bit harder. Don’t forget to also soften any edges or areas that look too sharp. After you have finished sanding all the area, clean all the dust and dirt using a rag or cloths. Make sure it is all clean before moving on.

2. Painting the Furniture

This step is optional, but it will make your furniture look as it has been painted before. If you prefer to show the wood peeking through, then just paint it with one color. On the other hand, if you want to show a different color base, then choose two colors. First, color the entire piece with the base color. Then apply the second color as the main color of the furniture. After applying it all, wait until the paint is completely dry.

3. Distress with Sandpaper & Steel Wool

If the furniture is all dry, then start removing some of the paint with sandpaper and steel wool. For those who use two-color, then use the steel wool to reveal the base color. To add more damage and make it look more rustic, then use sandpaper. On the other hand, if you want to show the bare wood beneath, then you can use sandpaper only.

Make sure to focus on the corners of the furniture. This will make the damage and distress look more natural. Don’t forget to also bring a rag or cloth to clean the areas that you distress.

4. Apply a Coat of Stain

For those who want to make the furniture look more antique, then try giving it one coat of stain. However, to prevent it from looking too shiny, then wipe the excess off softly. When applying the stain, make sure to apply it in a straight motion rather than in a circle motion.

5. Protect it With Polyurethane

Last but most important, don’t forget to apply clear polyurethane on all areas of the furniture. This is to protect the paint and distress that you have made before. Before using the furniture, make sure that the coat is all dry.

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