One of the main problems that occur on wood furniture is the appearance of mold. If people don’t remove them immediately, then they can grow and ruin the furniture. Therefore, people need to know how to clean mold off of wood furniture without ruining the furniture itself.

Mold can grow inside and outside furniture. Normally it will appear and grow when the weather is warm and moist. Usually, during this condition, molds will float through the air and cause mold spots on your furniture. When this happens, make sure to clean them up so they don’t grow and spread to other areas of the furniture. To help, here are some ways how to clean mold off of wood furniture:

1. Put in the Sunlight

If you happen to find light mold, then the easiest way to clean it is by airing it in the sunlight. Put the furniture where there is sunlight and let it there until sunset. To get a better result, you can also spray a mix of vinegar and water at the mold spots to get rid of it. Repeat this step for a few days until the mold disappears.

2. Spray Vodka

If the mold on the furniture is light to heavy, then try spraying vodka all over the surface of the furniture. Then, with a brush, softly brush the mold spots until it fades away. After brushing it all off, don’t forget to dry the furniture out in the sun. Airing the furniture out in the sun can prevent other molds from growing and spreading out. Luckily for this step, you can use all kinds of vodka, even the cheap ones are effective!

3. Scrub with Dish Soap

For heavier molds, use dish soap with some hot water. First, prepare a bowl of hot water and then mix it with some dish soap or detergent that you have at home. The ratio between these two mixtures should be 2:1, for the water and soap. Then, gently scrub the mold in a circular motion using this mixture with a soft brush.

After brushing the mold, wipe the surface with a damp towel. If the mold disappears, then wipe it off again until it dries. On the other hand, if it remains repeat this step again. To prevent ruining your furniture, it is best to try brushing an out-sight area of the furniture first.

4. Spray with White Vinegar

The last trick on how to clean mold off of wood furniture is by adding white vinegar into the mixture. If dish soap is too weak and doesn’t clean off the mold, then add white vinegar to it. Then spray the vinegar onto the mold spots ad wipe it off with a damp cloth. Reapply this step until the mold fades away slowly.

Please keep in mind that whichever step you choose to clean mold spots, don’t forget to wear gloves and an air mask. Remember that even light molds can be harmful spores and spread to other places.

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