People have used teak wood as table material for centuries. Because this wood has high durability and if we know how to clean a teak table, it can last for a lifetime.

Because, even though teak wood has its natural strength, without proper cleaning it can be a nuisance. Hence, the beautiful teak table will be in danger of discoloration. Moreover, if you utilize the table for outdoor use.

How to Teak Wood Table Cleaning?

There are many ways you can try to clean your teak wood table. Hence, the cleaning process of how to clean a teak table will depend on what kind of table it is and where it is placed. Because cleaning the dining table and the patio table will be different, such as:

1. Daily Dusting

Every piece of furniture needs daily dusting, including your teak table. Whether it’s for outdoor or indoor use, daily dusting can prevent your table from being a dust and dirt collector.

Furthermore, letting a teak table be covered in dust and dirt will make it in danger of losing its original color. Not to mention, it is also a serious threat to the table’s coating and durability. Thus, all you have to do is to remove the dust and dirt with a duster or cloth. 

2. Wipe with Cleaning Solution

For some, simple dusting wouldn’t do any trick to maintain the teak table in its best clean condition. That’s why we suggest you use a cleaning solution to clean your table.

If you aren’t fond of using store-bought solutions for their strong effect, why don’t you try homemade solutions instead? All you have to do is mix a cup of water and 3 spoons of vinegar. Then spray the mixture or soak a cloth with that and wipe the surface.

3. Wash with Water

If the dirt degree needs more than just dusting or wiping with a cleaning solution, then the last resort is to wash it. Especially if the table is for outdoor use. 

For an option, you can also use a high-pressured water hose to remove the dirt. The high pressure will remove the dirt away and make the table clean again. But if you don’t have a high-pressure hose, you can wash the table with soapy water. Rub all the dirt with a sponge or cloth, then rinse it with fresh water. 

What to Know when Cleaning a Teak Wood Table

There are numerous options for cleaning a teak table, thus you can pick one that is most convenient. But when you do the cleaning, we have to remind you about several important matters, such as:

  • Avoid oil for cleaning the table surface, because it will attract dust.
  • Avoid washing the teak table for indoor use directly with soapy water. If you do that, it will cost you the sealant coat that protects the wood.
  • Make sure to clean in a shady area that doesn’t contact with direct sunlight. 

Maintenance and guidance of how to clean a teak table are easy to do and can prolong its durability. That’s why people love teak wood over other wood materials. For you who’s looking for a teak table and any other furniture, give us a call. Another alternative, you can also reach us through our website.