A narrow bedroom can look and feel spacious in many ways. One of them is arranging the layout of the furniture in the room. So, you have to know how to arrange bedroom furniture in a small room.

Neatly arranged furniture, in addition to giving a broad impression, will make you comfortable doing activities in it. Then, the rest of the night becomes very calming. The following is a complete review of how to arrange bedroom furniture in a small room:

1. Measuring Furniture Size

The first thing you need to do is measure and identify the furniture. Furniture that is important for you to measure is like a bed, dressing table, table, and chair. Moreover, do not forget to include the size of the bedroom.

Then, take note the results of measuring the size of the furniture. You can use these measurements as a reference. Also, pay attention to the available outlet in the bedroom. To start arranging furniture in the room, you will need this information when you

2. Prioritize the Bed

The largest piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Thus, the bed takes up more space than others. Therefore, when arranging furniture in a small bedroom, you should prioritize the bed. Once you know where to put it, it’s a lot easier to organize the rest of the furniture.

Or, you can place the beds lined up on one of the walls opposite the doorway. However, if you still have more space, place it in the center of the most visible area. Make sure you have enough room beside the bed to easily get up and get in.

3. Optimize Wardrobe

How to arrange bedroom furniture in a small room is optimizing the wardrobe. This is because the second piece of furniture in the bedroom besides the bed is a wardrobe. You can customize the wardrobe so that it saves space. For example, you can choose a wardrobe that also has a dressing table in it.

From this arrangement, you have plenty of space left in your bedroom. Then, you can use the space for your other items or area to put laundry. Moreover, remember to provide enough space between cabinets so that you can open the drawers and doors comfortably.

4. Focus On Small Items

After the wardrobe or dressing table is in the room, it is time for you to focus on the small items. For example, such as nightstands and table chairs. When organizing things, take this opportunity to remove unwanted furniture from your room. Then, clean the things in your bedroom to save more space.

5. Make Sure Everything Is Neat And Good

When you’re done with everything, you can try to move around the room. For example, try going to bed and getting up, trying to open a cupboard drawer, and even sitting on a desk chair.

Make sure you don’t hit anything while moving around in the bedroom. If your movement is hampered or you don’t feel comfortable, it may be necessary to rearrange the furniture again. This is very important so that you are more comfortable doing many activities in the bedroom.

Now you know how to arrange bedroom furniture in a small room. Then, you can apply it so that you are comfortable doing some activities and resting in your small bedroom. If you want to buy minimalist furniture of high quality, you can contact us by phone or fill out the contact form.