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Wholesale Furniture for Retailers from Jepara, Indonesia

wholesale furniture for retailers

Looking for wholesale furniture for retailers? That’s great, you’re in the right place. Indonesia is rich in forest products by producing commodities that can be converted into high-quality handicrafts. One of them is typical Jepara furniture with its popularity across continents. These products can be widely recognized because of the role of Indonesian wholesale furniture. […]

Jepara Furniture: All You Need To Know

The Indonesia furniture industry has always thrived despite overwhelming competition from countries such as China, Vietnam and Malaysia. When competition focuses on providing high volume at the cheap cost, Indonesia furniture retains high quality and durability as the ultimate values. Moreover, Indonesia Furniture indicates good growth in quartal 2018 (Indonesia-investment). It means that furniture products from […]

The Importance of Digitalization in Jepara Furniture Industry

Furniture is one of the potential commodity owned by Indonesia. It ranks secondly from the top tropical country that exports furniture. However, Indonesian furniture industry has fallen down year to year and faced the degradation of the total amount of furniture export