It’s only the first quarter of the year, so you still have time to redo your interior design. To do that, the best bet is to know the furniture color trends 2022. That way, you can stay up to date with the current trend. But why do you have to redo your redecorate your home though? 

Following through human history, interior design has always become something that holds a special place. Because you can tell many things just by your interior design, from your wealth status to your preferences. To do some redesign, you might want to take a look at these color trends for furniture here:

1. Soft Earth Tone

Since forever, nature will never go wrong. That’s why earthy tone is still included in the furniture color trends 2022 that you can pick. Try with the soft side of the earth tone color scheme for a calm and warm feeling.

2. Warm Neutral

Staying natural is still a thing in 2022, and you can just stick with that. Pick a dark gray sofa to give a warm ambiance to your living room. Charcoal gray or reddish brick color will look good for a coffee table or nightstand by the bed.

3. Splash of Brown

Most of the wooden furniture is painted brown with various sides, and that’s not a bad idea. But if you think that putting a brown sofa is too much, then you can go with the smaller-sized furniture. A brown side table will also do a good job to update your interior design. 

4. Bold Colors

Going bold with interior design is still good to do in 2022. Thus, you can still pick a blood-red armchair or pine three green sofa and go with that. Moreover, you can also mix and match different colored furniture in one room. Then, add some knick-knacks with a neutral color for balance. 

5. Chartreuse

The yellowish-green or greenish-yellow color is a good pick if you’re aiming for a fresh but warm vibe, even for furniture. This color will be perfect as an upholster and tell your bright character. But if you get furniture with chartreuse coloring, you also should get ready with the clearance hard work that will come.

6. Aubergine

If you’re confused about what color this is, then you can take a look at the purple eggplants. Yes, aubergine is the purple shade that you usually find at eggplants. This color regained attention and will be another trend to follow for interior design.

7. Citron

Don’t get the wrong idea, because citron is different from chartreuse color. Although both came from the same side of the color palette, they give different effects. Because citron feels fresher and brighter as furniture color.

When picking furniture for your home, you have to go with what you aim for. Hence, you can find any furniture color trends 2022 you wish from our workshop to grace your home. Furthermore, we can give you some consultation about furniture. Just drop your quote through the web form and we will reach back to you.