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Extensive teak dining table collection made from genuine teak wood. Shop wholesale export quality teak dining table, teak wood dining table, teak dining room table, solid teak wood dining table, teak dining table set, square teak dining table, teak round dining table, modern teak dining table, oval teak dining table from Indonesian furniture manufacturer.

The dining table is an essential piece of furniture that must be in household. It is a place when family are together. The presence of a dining table in a room makes it easier in many ways, such as serving food, a place to work or study for children and many more. The dining room table is often in a central place in house, so that it is mandatory to have it. Teak dining table collection never goes outdated. Since 1995 we were supplying our dining table into broad market in furniture industry. Our teak dining table collection available for both indoor and outdoor. It also can be applied on many interior design, including minimalism, antique, industrial, farmhouse dining room, also for outdoor dining areas. Suits for your retails shop, projects, or wholesale.

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Teak Wood Dining Table

Having high-quality dining table is a must. Because it is an essential part of our life. Posteak Furniture provides dining table collection made from genuine teak wood. Teak wood is a strong and durable material for any furniture. Moreover the characteristics of the grain, textures give natural feelings to nature. So, there is no harm for having teak wood dining table furniture for your house. The natural looks from the wood will suit into indoor and outdoor design. Whether it is for indoor dining room or outdoor dining patio and garden, teak dining table is great. We are proud to present you that our teak indoor dining table and also teak outdoor dining table is comes in great materials and well-manufactured. Teak dining table for indoor is special collection from us since we have lot of extensive models, and types. It is durable and long lasting use. Moreover you get luxury looks from real teak wood materials. We have new collection every year for solid teak indoor dining table or advanced laminate old teak indoor dining table. 

Tips on Choosing Quality Dining Table

Various kinds of shapes and types of tables, sometimes make you confused in choosing it, especially if you are faced with various choices of table size. In determining which table is right for the room at home, of course you have to match it with the latest house design on market. Therefore, you need to know what things need to be considered before buying the dining table.

Look for the Needs

The market has broad needs and models of dining table, find your best that suited for hot items that market needs. Or you have ideas to create innovation models, Posteak Furniture is glad to assist. So you can make it happen to have a dream dining table.

Models and Sizes

There are broad models and sizes. You can produce custom your own dining table models at Posteak, such as rectangular, square, oval, round dining table and available in various size and option. Our collection is suited and available for both indoor and outdoor use. Any models from industrial dining table with iron wrought legs, classic dining table, farmhouse dining table, teak garden dining table you can produce at Posteak Furniture. Unique combination design of the legs, such as klooster, carved, and vintage legs are available.

Top table design 

The top models of dining table for indoor can be created pilot design- full straight of top and head end design- top with vertical wood on the both end of top. For outdoor the top will give wood slice/open space about 2-3mm on the middle of top to avoid cracks and bending on outdoor areas.

Size option

Posteak offers size option for rectangular and oval dining table ranges from 160-300×90-100x78cm with top thickness 3-6cm available. For round table our sizes ranges from diameter 130-150x78cm. We also do custom size with consolidation of design construction.

Identify the materials

As a smart buyer, you need to know what exactly the materials used for producing dining table. Each piece of furniture has a different material quality. The better the quality, the more durable the furniture will be. Likewise with the table. You'll want a table that can last for many years. The tables available at Posteak Furniture are made of the highest quality teak wood, thus making the table last longer and still look solid. A good company will honestly explain to you the quality and materials are used.

Finish option

Decide the finishing color that matches the style you want. The natural looks of teak wood is already great for any use. Hence, if you want a more customizable finishing color, we provide the various colors that you can choose, or even you have your own references, we can make it too! We make finishing with high-quality manufactured procedures so that all of our dining table colors is long-lasting.

Dining Table Set Collection at Posteak Furniture

After knowing the tips for choosing a dining table for quality products, now is the time for you to know the high demand of our dining table collection for export. We have categorization types and shapes that need to be adapted to the shape of your home. To find out what kind of table you need, below are some explanations of the types of tables and their functions that are sold at Posteak Furniture.

Industrial Collection

Industrial collection is a solid teak wood combination with an iron-wrought dining table that very popular in recent years. It suited for industrial and vintage home design. Very sturdy and give strong characters for a household. Our models are broad with various kinds of legs table selection and combination.

Classic Collection

Classic furniture is never ended style. We have a teak wood dining table with classic models on the legs such as vintage, or ukiran with artistic shapes. It crafted with the hands of high-skilled Indonesian craftsmanship. 

Reclaimed Wood

The reclaimed dining table is one of the wood options that we produce, made from recycled old teak wood from old houses or boats. It's a popular model that many buyers seek for, because it has a high value in the market cause of its rarity. With this kind of furniture, you will get not only a piece of furniture but also a story behind it.

Outdoor Collection

Our teak outdoor dining table is hot selling items. Because we produce from teak wood which is very durable and last long in any outdoor condition. Teak wood is one-stop solution for any kind of outdoor. You can choose quality grade from C-grade, B-grade, or A-grade to be manufactured as your needs. Let's talk your inquiry, your outdoor garden & patio is ready to decorate with our quality teak outdoor dining table.

Buy Wholesale Dining Table

For buyers that have a business in the furniture industry, Posteak Furniture provides wholesale Indonesian teak dining table to produce. You can import a great quality at wholesale price with a minimum quantity is 1x20ft container. You can refine your search using the various filter options on the left side of this page. This leaves you with a selection of tables that meet your specific requirements.