Modern Teak Dining Table – Straight Flat Legs

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Crafted from Solid teak wood. Designed the flat legs straight to the top of the table. Give the taste of modern character without overlook the natural taste of wood. Available for indoor or outdoor.a


Classic dining table with the straight flat legs to the top. Made of solid wood. Dining table customizable for size, finish option and usability for indoor or outdoor. You can supply at best price for whole container. Posteak provide teak dining table with high-quality construction, finish option and high-grade teak wood.

Posteak Furniture is an established Indonesia furniture manufacturer and exporter based in Jepara since 1997. We provide buyers with a broad range of solid teak wood furniture, from outdoor furniture and indoor furniture.
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Dining Table


Solid Teak Wood



Natural Teak or Custom

Available Size

160 x 90 x 78 cm
180 x 90 x 78 cm
200 x 100 x 78 cm
220 x 100 x 78 cm
240 x 100 x 78 cm
260 x 100 x 78 cm
280 x 100 x 78 cm
300 x 100 x 78 cm

Wood Option


finishing color posteak
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