Reclaimed Wood Dining Table – Koplat Top

Crafted from reclaimed teak wood, warmth & unique natural tone colour of recyled teak, added with mozaik design on top gives more modern look. It’s suitable for indoor or outdoor.


The reclaimed wood dining table is a table design that comes from recycled/reclaimed materials of wood. Additional natural raw painted colors makes this wood perfect for unique pieces for vintage, or industrial home design. Despite of wasting the lumber of old teak resources, recycling the old teak into useful furniture products. Represents eco-friendly without overlooking beauty & the elegance of teak furniture, strong and durable still becoming the characters of the products. The deep and beautiful tone color of natural teak wood gives the feeling of warmth & timeless beauty in your space. This reclaimed wood dining table is the best option for export quality indoor and outdoor furniture.

Posteak table collection is the most popular product that our customers chose. We have the capabilities to create a wide range of variations to convince that we always innovating our products in order to follow the market trends and customer needs. Crafted from solid teak wood for outdoor which has been qualified as the best resource of wood with the durability and strength, without overlooking the beauty behind.

Materials Specification: 

  • Solid reclaimed teak wood
  • Hand-finished
  • Teak color

How to Care :

Although it’s made to withstand on indoor and outdoor environment, this dining table will benefit from regular care and maintenance.

  • Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth
  • Use wax or oil to treat the surfaces of the furniture
  • Avoid the use of chemicals and household cleaners as they may damage the finish.
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth or use special cleansing liquid


finishing color posteak
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