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Choosing the Best Teak Garden Bench for Outdoor

You can choose a teak garden bench for outdoor for your garden or patio needs in your home. Choosing outdoor furniture is tricky. Not just any chairs and tables can be placed on the terrace, garden, gazebo, or under a pergola, if you choose the wrong one, in a short time the table and chairs will be damaged due to the changing weather.

Choosing garden chairs and terraces is not an easy job because garden chairs are a popular decoration that is widely used, both public and private. The main purpose of giving teak garden bench for outdoor is for seating and relaxation.

Meanwhile, patio chairs are usually one of the favorite areas at home to relax. Not surprisingly, the terrace area is usually in the outdoor or semi-outdoor area, so the atmosphere is more pleasant and you don't get bored quickly. In fact, it's not just to sit, the existence of patio chairs can also make the terrace look more visually attractive and look more alive.

Tips on Choosing Teak Garden and Patio Benches

The thing to know for these garden and patio chairs is that they will later be placed outside in direct sunlight and dust. Some things that you should pay attention to include its strength to withstand weight when occupied, its beauty that adds to the aesthetic impression of your garden, and its resistance to changing weather and fungal and termite attacks. 

For this reason, choosing a teak garden bench for outdoor is highly recommended because teak wood has a high resistance to various types of weather and fungal and termite disturbances. Posteak bench is a high-quality product that can be your choice.

Small to Medium Size Teak Bench for Outdoor

Some houses have gardens that are not so wide, for that, you need to outsmart it to still be able to display the impression of a comfortable garden for relaxing. One of the things you can do is add the right furniture to your little garden.

You can choose a bench-shaped garden chair to become furniture as well as a decoration for your garden. However, you still have to pay attention to a number of things because the bench will be placed outside, so the selection cannot be arbitrary. With small to medium sizes, you can choose from 75 cm to 150 cm long. For a single bench, you can put 2 benches in your garden to relax. You can also combine the small and medium bench.

Posteak products have a natural finish so that they will give a more natural look to your garden design. besides that, there are also various models, both classical to minimalist modern. This model fits perfectly with today's garden design trends that tend to be minimalist.

Medium to Large Size Teak Bench for Larger Garden

Have a bigger garden? You can use a medium to large bench for furniture as well as decorating your garden. The medium bench provided by Posteak is 150 cm long, made of solid teak wood so that it can last up to a full year of use with minimum maintenance.

In addition, the teak bench for the outdoor model that is presented is a minimalist model so that it will make your garden look aesthetic but not excessive. The color of the wood is natural, which is golden brown but can turn grayish over time.

Natural solid teak is the choice for Posteak products because of its high strength and durability, this has been recognized by everyone. The wood fibers become even stronger and harder when exposed to water, so maintenance is less time-consuming and costly.

Then for a larger bench size, you can choose a length of 180 cm. This bench has a variety of backrest designs, both vertical and crosses, so that it can add a beautiful impression to your garden.

For a large garden, you can put more than one medium to the large bench. But you can also add a small bench or other garden chairs from Posteak to give it a more dynamic impression.

Benefits of Posteak Teak Bench Products

Posteak produces a variety of teak garden benches for outdoor designs that you can choose from for your garden needs. starting from small to large sizes, all are made using solid teak wood so that it is more durable and does not require high maintenance or time.

The teak wood used by Posteak comes from trees that are ready to cut, so it is of very good quality. The wood also contains natural oil, so when doing maintenance, you don't need to wipe it with oil. There are 3 grades that you can choose according to your budget and needs, namely grade A, B and C. You can use teak bench for outdoor products for a full year without having to do the maintenance too often, that's what makes Posteak the leading product.

For finishing, all bench products are hand-finished with a natural touch, without varnish or paint. Natural teak wood will last longer with a natural finish and look more aesthetic with its natural appearance. Posteak teak bench for outdoor are also resistant to various weather conditions, be it rain, heat or snow. Another plus that you can get is its resistance to fungus and termite attacks, you only need to wipe it with a soft cloth for regular maintenance.

The Products Have Legal Standards and Certifications

The teak wood used by Posteak to make bench products is wood obtained directly from PT. Perhutani, so that it has a standard and legal certification by the government. That way, the quality they have is high because they are harvested at the age of harvesting.

All Posteak products can be shipped all over the world and the quality is guaranteed. In addition, bench products are made by professional craftsmen of Jepara, assisted by sophisticated machines to produce high quality and strong products.

To get products from us, you can make inquiries via the email listed on our website. Be it domestic or overseas, Posteak is ready to send the best products to those of you who need them. You can contact the contact person listed on our official website to get more information about our products directly, or to buy them.

Choosing quality products for garden purposes is mandatory. Not only as furniture but can also be used as decoration so that your garden looks more beautiful. Teak bench for outdoor can be your choice to give an elegant natural look to your garden.