Reclaimed Dining Table

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Story of Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

A table design which comes from recycled/reclaimed materials of teak wood. Additional natural raw painted colour make this wood perfect for unique pieces for vintage, or industrial home design. Although it’s a recycled material which is from old and used wood, it still strong, and high durability. Moreover, it represents eco-friendly. Old teak lumber comes from variety places which means you’re not only buy a products, but there is story added inside.

Dining Table for an Authentic Dining Room

Posteak reclaimed dining table collection made from reclaimed/recycled wood is representation of green manufacturing, due to its sourced from old lumber that recycled into useful furniture products. It’s very popular for world furniture market. It has the taste of authentic, antique and remarkable wooden furniture, and people love the story inside. This collection suited for modern style of dining room combined with industrial styles. But you can also applied for minimalist dining room, antique dining room, or even in outdoor dining set, it will suited as well. The deep and beautiful tone colour of natural teak reclaimed wood gives the feeling of warmth & timeless beauty in your dining room space. 

Benefits of Using Reclaimed Teak Wood for Dining Table

Dining table made from reclaimed wood is very unique and antique. Moreover it has some benefits that will stack up compared another dining table. It has timeless natural shine of old wood, exquisite grain and rich color make it perfect for both outdoor and indoor living.

Natural resources from original boats and old houses.

It is used reclaimed wood materials that supplied from originally old lumber that used by boats or houses before that already be broken. Despite of wasting it, then it recreated and produced to make useful furniture dining table. It represent of natural sense of antique and old lumber.

Durable and resistance

Reclaimed dining table can be used for lifetime. It is strong, durable and resistance. It has the ability to withstand heavy impacts and use, making it long lasting. Even more it has natural oil that prevent the dining table from any fungi and termites. 

Strong construction and quality

Posteak manufacturing with highly detailed of craftsmanship and machine made for making quality reclaimed wood dining table. It needs proper process and kiln dry of reclaimed wood materials. With our advance and experienced manufacturing process, you can get better construction and quality that benefits you.

Buy Reclaimed Dining Table for Sale

Posteak offers variety of reclaimed teak wood dining table with broad design and combination. With teak reclaimed wood, you can use this dining table in indoor and outdoor living. You can also made a custom request on the model that you want us to produce. The model of dining table that made from reclaimed wood is very rare in the world, due to the resources. Hence, with Posteak you can supply and buy reclaimed dining table with ease and best price as well.

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