Bathroom Vanities

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Find the perfect bathroom vanities, bathroom vanities with tops, modern bathroom vanities, small bathroom vanities, rustic bathroom vanities, bathroom sinks and bathroom vanities sets made from original premium teak wood from direct furniture manufacturer. Shop by common width or color to fit your needs.

Find Bathroom Vanities Furniture Collection

Looking for bathroom furniture? Now you're in the right place! Create a comfortable and eye-catching bathroom space with our collection. Our bathroom vanity furniture comes in solid teak wood. The natural beauty of teak wood will make bathroom space more elegant. You can choose vanities with modern and minimalist, or classic one.

Bathroom Vanity Sets

Beautify bathroom space with sets of collections. Generally, our collection ranges from the cabinet, vanities, and mirror. Some come with stone sink, which is a very popular sets of style with the teak wood collection. By adding a bathroom vanity with mirror, bathroom cabinet, sink stone will certainly enhance the appearance. You can produce and supply with us and later on just need to align the design and styles. Bathroom furniture made of teak wood from Posteak will give natural, even more, elegant sets collection.

Vanity with single sink

A minimalist concept of bathroom vanities furniture for small to medium bathroom space. This collection provides a single sink functionality. The size around 80 cm in width. It is equipped with small on or two drawers to store some toiletries. This kind of collection can streamline one's activities in the vanity.

Vanity with double sink

The design of this furniture is common for medium-large bathroom space. The size have width around 150cm - 180 cm. Because most of the design are made with drawers or doors storage, this collection is great for store a lot of goods, such as toiletries, towels, and makeup.

Sets of Vanity with floating design

A concept of floating design of bathroom furniture is quite popular. It is commonly used for modern bathroom space. The collection will make the space minimalist yet attractive.  
Find the collection only at Posteak. 

Tips on Choosing Bathroom Vanities Furniture

There are things that you should consider before deciding to buy. These things are very important to note so that you can get all the functions of the vanity to the fullest.

Determine The Design. Discover collection from Posteak. We provide broad collection to choose. Modern minimalist with the touch of gorgeous teak wood is popular one. Match your furniture styles, or if you have own references, you can also request your own bathroom vanity ideas. Find the perfect size. After deciding the models you like, now it is time for suiting the perfect size of the furniture collection. In Posteak we give you some size you can choose, or if you want to request the sizes by your own, we can make it too! Choose the finish option. Deciding the finishing color is important. Match the finish color with the styles of the room, or match it with the decoration inside. Posteak provide broad finish option, even it is natural wood, rustic color, or painted.