Bathroom Vanity with Wicker Basket – Bali

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Modern and minimalist solid teak wood bathroom and vanities collection


Bathroom Vanity with Wicker Basket Collection

Teak Bathroom vanity collection is one of our bathroom vanity collections which will give a warm, compelling touch of teak wood for the bathroom area. It added with natural color rattan/wicker basket makes it more attractive to see, yet functional.

The bathroom is an essential house part that should have the most comfortable area. A bathroom that designed comfortably and cools, making you feel comfortable when lingering activities in the bathroom. Often the bathroom is not only used by family members, but guests who come to your house will usually also go into the bathroom. The impression of a modern bathroom that looks beautiful will make homeowners also get a good image from the guests.

Teak bathroom vanity is designed to have a modern and minimalist taste. Added with natural looks of solid teak wood, makes the bathroom have a sense of nature. This will add comfortability and freshness to our bathroom. Teak bathroom collection combined with wicker rattan basket to store essential things. It is a perfect combination of usability and beautiful looks. You can also add a sink on top of the vanity, mostly it perfect combination with a natural stone sink, which you can find and supply in Indonesia also.

Indoor Furniture Collection for Bathroom and Vanities

Posteak manufacturing Indoor furniture for over 20+ years. The quality of wood and construction becomes our essential thing to think. We provide many models and collections for our buyers, and one of them is the indoor bathroom collection. The indoor bathroom and vanities made from genuine teak wood is a perfect choice due to its durability. It will last a long for a decade to purchase. Now let’s buy wholesale indoor bathroom teak cabinet for the best competitive price with us.

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Bathroom Vanity



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