Finding the right furniture for retail can be a simple undertaking for some but for others, it can be hectic. You need to have information that will guide you on the way forward. Purchasing wholesale furniture in Indonesia requires you to be knowledgeable about your target market and prospective customers.

Purchasing goods from a wholesaler has numerous benefits. This can be a great alternative if buying from a retail shop seem like a less viable option. We offer several furniture wholesale services that cover a wide range of offers and prices suited for every buyer. 

Benefits of buying furniture wholesale in Indonesia

Wide Pool of Furniture Choices

If you are a buyer who is interested in choosing from an array of products, then buying form a wholesaler is the way to go. You can take your time as you look through the various furniture options provided. Furniture suppliers are endowed with unique furniture styles that may still be new to the market. You can go on ahead and purchase that latest designed cabinet for your office or that French sofa for your living room. You could possibly gain access to a new inventory which other market consumers do not know exists.

Design Customization

Deciding to purchase your furniture from a wholesale furniture store can give you an opportunity to customize your furniture to your liking. You can choose to have a different shape, size or décor done to your liking at an affordable cost. This option is however not available in retail stores where prices might be higher to enable them to make higher profits.

Less Costly to Your Business

If you are a business owner and you are looking to buy office furniture, then it is advisable that you go for affordable charges offered by wholesale suppliers like us. We will ensure that you make the best and safest financial decision while purchasing our products. We will assist you in identifying the right type of furniture fabric, design and size that best suits your business needs.

Saves On Time

You can save shopping time by putting all your concentration on one supplier who can provide all your furniture needs. You can avoid moving from one store to another trying to find and ideal product. One wholesaler will be able to work with you by showing you the products that might interest you. Also having one vendor means that you will be able to receive your deliveries at one given time rather than receiving them on different dates from multiple suppliers.

Broad-range Furniture

Different market have different taste when it comes to choosing colours and fabrics in furniture. Especially, in furniture import and export industry, you should know what style of each countries that mostly trends. The lifestyle of an individual, market trends will influence whether they will want bright colours or dull ones. 

Factors you need to consider when buying furniture wholesale in Indonesia

You should buy furniture that will attract and meet the needs of your clients depending on price, size and quality. The following factors are considered by customers


Your customer will need home furniture that will perfectly fit into their home space. The furniture should allow free movement around the
house. Furniture buyers will choose the size of furniture that complements their home, the more space left after placing the furniture, the easier it will be to move around making the home feel spacious.


Customers always look for furniture goods that fit into their budget. Wholesale buyers should provide a wide range of prices that easily fit into an average person’s budget on furniture. The raw materials used for making different types of products influence the overall price.

Quality – Durability

As a wholesale buyer, you must consider the durability aspect of your furniture products. This is because clients are usually more interested in products that will last a certain number of years. Furniture is a product that should serve long term. Furniture buyers plan to use their furniture
for a long period before considering to replace them.

Color and Pattern Furniture

The pattern on the furniture should blend well with the buyer’s home décor. If the colours and patterns do not agree with one another then the
home, office or restaurant might seem unattractive. You can buy wholesale furniture that has common colours and patterns that are easier to pair with.

Type of Materials

Furniture can be made from a number of available materials. Furniture made from wood is usually easier to maintain. Consider the cost of
 maintenance of the material used in making the product. Materials include wood, rattan, plastic or aluminum among others.

Extra Features

There are varieties of furniture that offer extra features. For instance, an office chair can come with an extra feature of reclining to suit the user. Buyers are usually advised to choose what is most ideal to their specific situations. One can consider the size, the length, height and even compatibility of the product.

Tips for purchasing wholesale furniture in Indonesia

Understand Wood Types

A clear understanding of wood types will provide you with knowledge of choosing quality furniture. Identify the type of product that interests you, then determine the wood type to see whether it is the right kind for you.

Observing The Quality

You can check to see whether the drawers are latched accordingly, and can shut properly. This simple move will ensure that you purchase a quality product that will not give you trouble later. You also ensure that the doors open smoothly and can persist in that position until you
 decide to close it yourself. The door knobs and handles should be tightly fitted and in the right position.

Understand The Construction

You should go for quality furniture with wood that has been connected at the corners and ends instead of those that have been nailed in or joined with glue. Wood joinery allows furniture pieces to be steady and support more weight.

Furniture Wholesale Collection from Posteak Furniture

Indoor and Outdoor Dining Table

Posteak furniture offers best quality export dining table for your wholesale furniture project. We provide you with our capabilities on best construction, wood option, finish option for indoor and outdoor.

Our main materials is teak wood, teak recycled, teak reclaimed furniture, also teak laminate dining table. Added with broad style of dining table such as industrial match with iron models, indoor antique, indoor reclaimed dining table, classic dining table, outdoor garden dining table, outdoor teak modern dining table.

Indoor Teak Furniture

An authentic indoor furniture collection from Posteak Furniture. We provide extensive design of new, recycled/reclaimed, and painted indoor furniture for wholesale market. You can order our products listed in our shop collection, also available for custom design based on your desire, made just for your brand.

New Teak

Industrial Teak Furniture

Recycled Teak Furniture

Painted Furniture

Laminate Teak Furniture

Outdoor Teak Furniture

We are offering our outdoor furniture collection with a wide range of products for wholesale. With solid teak wood as our main resources for best value for outdoor furniture. Our teak wood resource comes from legal Indonesia government – PT. Perhutani and SVLK certificated for exports purpose.

Teak Garden Outdoor

Bottom Line

Buying furniture wholesale in Indonesia is great opportunities since they have a lot of resources of quality wood and skilled craftsmanship. Here, you can find many goods to supply. Posteak Furniture helps to assist to export wholesale furniture at best factory price. You can select or create your own custom furniture for your business.

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