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Teak Root Furniture Indonesia, A-One-Of-A-Kind Furniture Collection

Teak root furniture indonesia - Posteak

Teak root furniture in Indonesia is an eco-friendly but antique furniture collection. Teak is natural materials that every parts can be used for our living needs, including the root. Despite of wasting the materials, teak root can be crafted into useful furniture products, and has economic value. In Java, it crafted into furniture such as, […]

Live Edge Teak Table

live edge teak table top

Posteak provide live edge teak table with various styles and design. Natural edge of wood make the table is unique as natural it was. Natural doesn’t mean there is no need to process, but otherwise it needs more treatment on the wood to avoid bending, cracks. Our collection combined with industrial iron on the legs, […]

Jepara Furniture Manufacturer: Best Old Teak Factory Price

Jepara furniture manufacturer - Posteak Furniture

Jepara furniture manufacturer provides its citizen with several furniture options suited for homes, restaurants, offices, and hospitality. These various types of wholesale furniture are manufactured for prospective markets. The size and quality mostly depend on the types of wood used in manufacturing. During the introduction of furniture in Indonesia, artisans would manually craft the wood […]

The Benefits of Amazing Teak Wood Furniture

benefits of teak wood furniture

Although most people has already know the quality of furniture made from teak wood, hence they still not aware of the benefits of teak wood furniture. Understanding the benefits of teak wood will make us easily to buy, choose and selecting the real teak wood furniture from supplier. The Natives of Teak Wood Teak wood […]