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How to Select Best Indonesia Furniture for [Buyer]

indonesia furniture

The Indonesia furniture industry has always thrived despite overwhelming competition from countries such as China, Vietnam and Malaysia. When competition focuses on providing high volume at the cheap cost, Indonesia furniture retains high quality and durability as the ultimate values. Moreover, Indonesia Furniture indicates good growth in quartal 2018 (Indonesia-investment). It means that furniture products from […]

Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer – Posteak Furniture

Posteak Furniture

ABOUT US Indonesian furniture manufacturer with specialization on recycled teak, modern teak, and painted teak furniture. Established in Jepara since 1997, a small town which well-known has natural resources of wood and high skilled wood-crafters. Our Warehouse located at Ds. Kecapi Nganjir Rt 23 Rw 04, Tahunan, Jepara, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. OUR STORY Our story began […]