Outdoor Tables

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Outdoor Teak Dining Table Furniture

Eating with family or colleagues doesn't have to be indoors, Posteak has a collection of Outdoor Dining Tables with several high-quality materials, such as teak wood, combined with iron or aluminum. Our collections protect aspects of functionality and robustness.

The functionality of the dining table means that our collection is suitable for all types of rooms and according to the need for outdoor activities.

In terms of durability, the teak wood that we use as a material for making outdoor table furniture has characteristics that are able to withstand all types of weather from heat to snow. Teak wood itself has very strong resistance from insect attacks which can often erode the wood material.

Outdoor With Dining Table Set Design from Posteak

Since 1997, Posteak has been making various collections of outdoor table sets which are packaged in several of our collections. You also make the design of the table set in such a way that it will not be timeless, besides that we guarantee that the set table that we make has very high standards of selected teak wood materials.


Teak wood has good durability even in outdoor areas, and is resistant to certain weather. 
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