We are offering our outdoor furniture collection with a wide range of products for international buyer around the world. With solid teak wood as our main resources for best value for outdoor furniture. Our teak wood resource comes from legal Indonesia government – PT. Perhutani and SVLK certificated for exports purpose.

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With our competitive and best quality of our product ranges and services, we help you to expand business and having prominent supplier your long-term furniture business.


Classic Dining Table

Classic Table with Drawers

Classic Dining Table

Classic Dining Table – Square

Classic Dining Table

Classic Dining Table – Toon

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Why Indonesian teak furniture ?

Strong & resilient

For outdoor furniture teak has the ability to withstand heavy impacts and use, making it long lasting.


Natural colour of teak wood gives lifetime beauty and elegance on our outdoor environment.


Makes the wood waterproof, easy to keep and resistant to fungal decay.



By number, Indonesia is the largest exporter of teak wood. In Java, the centre of the Indonesian teak industry, “the industrial demand for teak timber is 1.5 to 2.2 million m3 per year”. It protected and conserved by Indonesia Government – PT PERHUTANI.

Easy Maintenance

Don’t need to extra effort to maintain furniture from teak. It’s characteristics already have huge advantages for outdoor living. Saving your maintenance costs.