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We produce and export outdoor furniture made of high grade solid teak wood for wholesale production. With legal wood resources from PT. Perhutani and certified SVLK company from Jepara, Indonesia. 

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Teak Garden & Patio

The signature of Indonesian Teak Furniture. High-quality grade of teak wood for outdoor garden and patio living, handcrafted and manufactured direct from Jepara, Indonesia.

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Modern styles combination of stainless, iron, aluminum and teak wood that you can order with us

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The beauty and enormous resources of wooden teak from Jepara, Indonesia has inspired us to preserve its natural resources into functional furniture products. It is a solution for making your home garden & patio looks perfect.

Teak Garden Furniture 

Furniture made from teak wood is great for its durability and so beauty for any outdoor living spaces. Indonesia one of country have competitiveness to produce teak garden furniture. For many years our craftsmen is well-known to produce any kind of furniture. For buyer who seeks for furniture made from teak to expand business or finding new supplier line, Posteak Furniture as manufacturer company provide and supply teak garden furniture products for your retailer business, projects business or even personal use.

Our teak wood resource comes from legal Indonesia government – PT. Perhutani and have SVLK certification for exports purpose. Our high-skilled craftsmanship also becomes the core value in making the details and construction quality of the products. With our experience, we can ensure that our prices will be competitive, because we know the need of your profit is important.

When you are looking for outdoor furniture, Teak outdoor furniture should be the first thing that comes into your mind. Teak has gained the popularity among the people since 1950. It is currently the hardest woods you can find for furniture these days. Outdoor furniture need to have durability to withstand any season. Here is where teak might comes in handy. However, this is not the only reason why teak is the first wood you have to choose for outdoor usage. There are a lot more quality that makes Teak the best wood ever. Below, we have listed all of them especially for you.

1. Strong & Resilient

Teak Outdoor Furniture has an ability to deal with all kinds of weather.  It is among the few trees in the world to contain natural oil that repels water. This oil keeps it from deforming, busting or becoming thin and fragile. Furniture made of teak can survive the severe effects of heavy rainfall, extreme winter snowstorms, and sunburn without weakening its power. The outdoor furnishings found in most of the high-end ski resorts is made of teak because of this marvelous durability.

2. Weatherproof

Teak is an extreme hard wood. It is solid and resilient, able to endure intense heat and cold. For outdoor, teak has the ability to withstand heavy impacts and use, making it long lasting.

While this makes it excellent for outdoor furniture, it also means that it would provide more life span and indoor use. Its longevity ensures that it’s unlikely to suffer from erosion or several other challenges that may threaten other trees. Using the right type of teak – good quality wood with a high quantity of oil and rubber – can result in beautiful pieces of furniture that can take home whatever you want and throw away.

3. Lifetime Beauty

Teak is a strikingly gorgeous wood with a smooth, typically simple, grainy texture and a range of textures. Natural colour of teak wood gives lifetime beauty and elegance on our outdoor environment. The light golden shades of freshly cut wood appeal to the many. Teak has a tendency to age well gradually. The patina is a nod to its good quality and longevity that only contributes to the beauty of your room.

4. Wide Selection

The color of teak wood succeed in making it the most flattering woods for furniture manufacturers and home buyers. Although in outdoor area, the teak may be exposed to the weather and become an attractive silver-grey in color, teak used in the indoor is always oiled to maintain its pleasant golden hue. Its power is a major advantage for designer who can manufacture a variety of items that might not be possible with other weaker materials. This will also mean that you have a broader selection of options in teak furniture than with many other materials.

5. Flexibility in Design

Being a wood that is fairly simple to deal with, teak is highly flexible. Tables, wooden chairs, storage, bar stools and sun loungers could all be created with teak. It can even be left natural, colored, creased, waxed or painted depending mostly on theme of the decor and your personal preferences.

Posteak also accept custom teak furniture order based on your needs.

6. High Adaptability

The natural advantages of teak, its strength, longevity, warm color. Not to mention, its resistance to termites or other harmful elements render it highly adaptable. The waterproof qualities as well as its capacity not to break quickly have rendered it a popular choice for shipbuilders across centuries.

It has also been used for a broad variety of outdoor and indoor furniture ever since. From massive dinner tables to stylish cabinet doors and lawn furniture, teak has the adaptability that many home builders are looking for.

7. Easy Care & Maintenance

Don’t need to extra effort to maintain furniture from teak. It’s characteristics already have huge advantages for outdoor living. Saving your maintenance costs.

Teak outdoor furniture needs no upkeep particularly even if it is kept unfinished outside. Teak left to the natural environment will turns into a perfect silvery gray color. It will only require a general brush down and rinse. Additionally, you could make your teak outdoor furniture return to its previous warm brown color with sand and teak sealer and protector.

Read how to take care your teak outdoor furniture properly

8. Renewable Resources

By number, Indonesia is the largest exporter of teak wood. In Java, the centre of the Indonesian teak industry, “the industrial demand for teak timber is 1.5 to 2.2 million m3 per year”. It protected and conserved by Indonesia Government – PT PERHUTANI. 

9. Timeless

Teak is certainly everlasting.  Teak outdoor furnitures are very sturdy and robust. For example, you can find century-old teak park seats in England built from sunk ships as a testimony to the longevity of this material. Buying a piece of outdoor teak furniture means you will give a legacy to your grandchildren one day!

Why Indonesian Outdoor Furniture Needs to Consider

According to GIR (Global Info Research), the demand of outdoor furniture is expected to grow for the next 5 years. It caused due to more open space for public garden is funded by the governments and on-going trends (forecast market report about outdoor furniture – 2022)Outdoor furniture Indonesia will be best option to import cause its quality and competitive price, it will benefits you for expand your business in this industry.

The demand of outdoor furniture Indonesia is huge. With our competitive and best quality of our product ranges and services, we help you to expand business and having prominent supplier for your long-term furniture business.

Buy Wholesale Outdoor Furniture

For 20 years Posteak has manufactured and exported many outdoor furniture around the world, as best Indonesia furniture manufacturer will provide a solution for supplying any ranges of outdoor furniture, from teak garden furniture, rattan, cushions and any modern styles for outdoor living. For wholesale, projects business and retails/shop. Posteak will provide high-quality manufactured teak outdoor furniture for your business.