Indoor Furniture Collection

Discover our furniture collection with a wide range of products for wholesale, retails or project-based furniture business. Our furniture made with solid teak wood as our main resources.

Posteak furniture Indonesia has been producing and exporting our furniture since 1997. With our competitive and best quality of our product ranges and services, we help you to expand business and having prominent supplier your long-term furniture business.

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dining table indonesia

Wood Types Collection

Tv Cabinet

USK – Tv Stand

Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet – Bali

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanity – Tucson

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanity – Vicenza

Console Table

Dayana – Side Table

Dining Table

Square Bar Table

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Endless Possibilities

You can also choose finish option, or custom furniture for your business requirements. Every details are worked personal just for you.

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Posteak Furniture is well-established Indonesia indoor furniture manufacturer and exporter with good management and quality control. Will provide you with broad ranges of solid teak wood furniture, especially indoor furniture. We combine craftsmanship and machine manufacturing process of our quality products.

Our experiences on quality and construction has becoming the essence to create lifetime furniture products and sustainable business. Years to years we are capable to create, develop and innovate our furniture through research and development in manufacturing in order to pursuing demands, trends and customer needs.

High Quality Teak Wood Indoor Furniture

As we know teak wood is best materials for furniture export grade. Teak wood for indoor furniture will last for decades with less maintenance. It’s great value in furniture market business.

Posteak Furniture manufacturing high quality furniture for indoor living from choosing the wood materials, maintain the moisture content, quality control of construction, advanced finishing until we pack the goods.

Every step we process with details and precision manufacturer process. Buyers who want to proof our quality are welcomed to visit our factory warehouse in Jepara. 

Best Factory Price Indoor Furniture in Jepara, Indonesia

Every buyers are personalized to have comprehensive price quote based on how we cooperate. Posteak are committed to have long-term cooperation. With our advanced manufacturing process, we will work to have give best price Jepara indoor furniture for buyer to meet their needs. For us, relationship is become our core value in running furniture business in Indonesia. 

Wholesale Indoor Furniture

Buy and supply indoor furniture wholesale from Posteak. Buying wholesale furniture from Indonesia is worth investments. Posteak manufacturer and production is already well-known and capable for export high-quality teak wood furniture.

You can import our furniture collection or custom/mix item full container. Posteak indoor collection ranges from teak cabinet, display cabinet, vitrine cabinet, dresser, sideboard, tv stand, bookcase, chest, coffee table, side table, end table, nightstand. All are made with high-grade teak wood. Wholesale price are available with minimum order. 

Extensive Design and Collection

We continuously develop our furniture products to match with the buyers needs and market. From modern teak wood furniture, industrial furniture with iron wrought combination, classic, reclaimed teak furniture, and antique furniture.

We also do custom furniture for every buyers to enhance our possibilities in long-term relationship. Even its for hospitality, project, or retail shop. We always provide best service to you. 

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