Reclaimed Teak Coffee Table Set 3

Reclaimed teak coffee table set with square design. Made from reclaimed teak with a rustic finished. The iron base is powder-coated natural finish color. Available now


Reclaimed teak coffee table set made from original reclaimed/recycled teak wood. Strong and durable. Reclaimed teak is a type of wood that was harvested and milled several years ago, used for the building process, and then re-crafted into brand new furniture at the present. This set of coffee table collection suits for industrial, modern furniture. The rustic finish and combination of natural iron colors make it perfect for industrial looks. Elegance, timeless, and modern is the right word that described this coffee table. The deep and beautiful tone color of natural reclaimed teak wood gives the feeling of warmth & timeless beauty in every space.

The iron base is powder-coated so it can last long for many years with easy cleaning and maintenance. Perfectly suited for indoor living, this reclaimed teak coffee table set is a great choice for personal use, hospitality, or restaurants that are designed with modern industrial looks.

The benefit of using reclaimed teak wood is you will get authentic kind of furniture. With a story behind reclaimed wood that supplied from old house/boat lumber. Materials are very rare and valuable in the furniture industry. Hence, you can get and buy wholesale reclaimed teak furniture with us.

Product Specifications

  • Reclaimed Teak Wood
  • Rustic Finish
  • Iron Base
  • Natural Powder Coated
  • Size of each coffee table is 60x60x45 / 50x50x40 / 40x40x35 cm.


Dimensions | W x D x H

Wood Option



Coffee Table

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