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To give your outdoor spaces a sense of comfort and luxury, putting an outdoor sofa will make so much difference. Whether you are considering a casual, contemporary, or classic style, Posteak Furniture offers you a wide range of teak outdoor sofa that can enhance the overall atmosphere of your relaxing outdoor enjoyment with loved ones. Not only coming with natural beauty, our sofas are made of top-grade teak wood that can endure even the harshest environment outside.

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Why choose teak for an outdoor sofa?

A sofa is considered essential when you need a perfect corner at your outdoor area. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to use it for a festive gathering or an afternoon catnap outside, you’ll be happy with the huge difference that an outdoor sofa can make. However, choosing outdoor furniture can be slightly challenging, especially when it comes to picking the perfect material. Worry not, our products are finely-crafted from teak, and it is a good step to start your pursuit of the best outdoor sofa.

Perhaps you are wondering, why teak wood? Considering that you will put your sofa outside all the time, you need a material that can withstand any kind of environment, from snowy storms to rays of sunlight. Teak is one of the wood types for furniture that can be your weather-resistant solution. With its high durability, teak won’t be easily damaged when it’s frequently exposed to the sunlight. That is why your sofa can stay strong as ever when it is placed outside year-round.

Not only resistant to hot weather, furniture made of teak is also free from damage caused by cold air. Dampness from cold or rain can severely harm your furniture if it’s not built of tough materials. Left unchecked, it’s possible if you have to replace your furniture every couple of years due to the irreversible damage.

By having high-quality teak furniture, it can save you from splurging unnecessary cost in the future. In fact, with the proper furniture care and treatment, teak products can actually last for decades. What’s even better is that you only need simple maintenance to preserve your teak furniture.

Buy your teak outdoor sofa at Posteak

The question that might cross your mind now is: where can you find the best teak furniture? Teak is admittedly quite rare, and only tropical areas with humid climates that are suitable for the plantation. That’s why Indonesia is one of the countries which provide vast resources of teak.

Located in Jepara, Indonesia, Posteak Furniture has a long-standing history since 1997 in furniture manufacturing. However, this is not the sole reason why you should consider us to be your teak outdoor sofa manufacturer.

1. Authentic craftsmanship

Jepara is widely known as one of the largest teak furniture exporters, and the quality of its craftsmanship is beyond questionable. We believe that a great furniture production comes with authenticity and efficiency. In Posteak, we always make sure that the products have passed quality control and assurance that we uphold with an advanced management system.

Putting high awareness of furniture quality has always been our top concern. Therefore, we will only deliver the best results to your hand.

2. Extensive style

Feel free to browse through Posteak’s wide selections of teak outdoor furniture, including our sofa and teak loveseats. Would you like to have your sofa with a classic or contemporary touch? You can take a sneak-peek at our Fremont Sofa or Melbourne Sofa to take into consideration.

Furthermore, you are able to choose your own sofa design that can be adjusted to your requests. Whichever fashion that you prefer, we provide an extensive array of styles and finishes that can be modified according to your personal preferences. We would love to continuously innovate our products to keep up with the demands, trends, and of course, your needs.

3. Long-lasting charm

Our collections of teak outdoor sofa are not limited to its durability and extensive designs. We also produce furniture that is timelessly beautiful. Teak’s charm comes from its natural textures and grain with distinctive brown color. After some time, the color gradually turns into a light-gray patina. This will definitely enhance the overall look of your sofa.

4. High-quality fabric material

To maximize the comfort and convenience, our teak sofa are supported by Sunbrella® outdoor fabric material. Known for its UV protection and mildew resistance, Sunbrella® is a perfect match for the well-crafted outdoor sofa. This fabric material is used to support the cushions, so you can sit back and relax on them with a great sense of bliss and content.

5. Legalized experience

No need to worry because Posteak’s outdoor sofa will be crafted from legalized teak wood resources, which are directly managed under Indonesia’s forestry service, Perhutani. In addition, our export purposes are licensed with SVLK certification.