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Best Outdoor Teak Table from Indonesia

One of the key pieces that will make huge differences to your outdoor space is a table. Any purposes that you wish to achieve, be it a functional or decorative value, a perfect outdoor table is fundamental to complement your needs. Operating for more than 21 years from Jepara, Indonesia, Posteak Furniture provides well-crafted choices of high-quality teak table for your outdoor arrangements.

Indonesian Teak Table for Outdoor

Teak wood is the perfect option that you’ll have to consider when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture. With its great durability to withstand any kind of season, teak becomes a suitable material for your outdoor table. Worry no more about ruining your furniture by putting it outside to deal with the sun rays or pouring rains. Due to its scarce plantation, it might be slightly challenging to seek for the well-developed teak furniture supplier. Indonesia is one of the tropical countries that is wide-known for its huge resources of teak.

Posteak Furniture’s teak wood resource originates from PT Perhutani, a state-owned enterprise which manages Indonesia’s forests, and our export activities are also licensed with SVLK certification. Our craftsmen meticulously design every piece of furniture in order to make sure that you will receive a top notch teak table. We can assure that we only provide you with high-quality products with competitive prices. The satisfaction and fulfillment of your needs are what drive us to serve the best.

Check out more about the benefits of entrusting teak wood for your outdoor furnishings:

1. Impeccable strength

Teak is currently one of the hardest woods you’ll find for furniture. With proper yet simple treatment, teak products can last for more than 20 years. Imagine how you could pass down the teak furniture to your grandchildren as a legacy. Its strength is also tested under all kinds of climate. Teak has the strongest durability when it comes to cold, humid, and even sunny days. This is why teak wood is a sustainable and evergreen investment that can prevent you from replacing your outdoor table every several years.

2. Effortless maintenance

With a table made of teak, it will cost you less for the maintenance. You will be surprised by how effortless it is to take care of your teak outdoor furniture properly. In addition to its strength, our teak wood table is highly resistant to pests, including mildew and termite. This is due to the high content of natural oil in teak wood.

3. Timeless beauty

The outstanding durability is not the only thing that we will serve. Our teak products also emphasize the natural beauty of the wood. Teak is known for its beautiful brown color with fine grain and textures on it. As time goes by, you will witness how the color slowly turns into light-gray, which adds elegance to your teak table.

Choose the perfect teak table for you

To complement your outdoor spaces, teak can be chosen as one material for all, such as garden chairs, lounge sets, and tables. Here in Posteak Furniture, we have a wide range of teak outdoor table selections that you can pick.

Round Teak Table Outdoor

Looking for versatility in your table? Our round teak wood tables might be the perfect option for you. A round table for intimate outdoor dining or utilize it as a side table for decor purposes, it is up to your wish. Ranging from modern to farmhouse style, it will enhance the overall atmosphere while accommodating your outdoor occasions.

Folding Teak Table Outdoor

Practicality comes hand in hand with our choices of extendable teak table. This allows you to conveniently set your dining occasions according to the number of invitees. We believe that highly-adaptive furniture should also serve an aesthetic value. If you wish to acquire both values, this table is the best option for you.

Square Teak Table Outdoor

We can say that square is the most customary shape when it comes to furniture. However, our square teak table serves the ever-sophisticated and elegant style, while keeping its memorable modesty. From festive barbecues with family to romantic dinners with loved ones, this is an ideal teak dining table that will satisfy all of your gathering needs.

Teak Coffee Table Outdoor

Enjoying slow mornings on the weekend with a cup of hot coffee would not be perfect without a proper table. Our selections of outdoor teak coffee table will complement the whole look of your garden, patio, or balcony. Adding a small surface to the center of your space can never go wrong to accommodate the refreshments for all.

Still not getting the best fits for your outdoor area? We are happy to listen to your more specific and detailed requests. Kindly contact our team to provide us with your own models, and we will craft the best teak table of your dreams.