Coffee Table

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Various Models of Coffee Table

The coffee table cannot be missing in your living room. It is central to the seating area and provides extra comfort and coziness. Whether you go with storage space or without, you can always store your favorite things on it. A cup of tea, your favorite magazine, and attractive decoration items, on a coffee table, is a place for everything. It is not only functional but also provides a finishing touch in your living room. Whether you have a rural or modern design, there is always a type of coffee table that suits your interior.

Popular Coffee Table in the Market

The trend of coffee tables is various types and shapes. For example, a combination is often made in the same material and shape, but a difference is made in many dimensions in one set. Like our 3 set of coffee table which the most best-selling for wholesale. With our broad collection, it can match with different living room styles. The shapes vary from square to round and rectangular. So there is always a shape that best suits your seating area. 

Tips on Choosing Best Coffee Table

Having a coffee table according to your wishes is practically easy to bother. Especially if you are the type who likes to be creative in arranging residential spaces. Certainly in choosing the best furniture you will be very detailed. Here are tips for choosing the best minimalist coffee table for you as a retailer or direct customer.

Match with The Home Styles and Trends

Before you buy a coffee table, pay attention to the home styles and newest trends of the indoor living room and home decoration. Do not let the minimalist table that you buy does not match the style of your home. The style or theme of the home determines the type of table you will buy. If you have a minimalist home style, surely you will also choose the same indoor coffee table with a minimalist theme. So, choose the color according to the living room theme. Don't buy a table in a color that doesn't match the color theme of your living room.

Choosing Suitable Materials for The Living Room

After determining the home styles, table material is also an important thing that you should pay attention to. That way, you can match the theme of your living room with your table material. In fact, you can choose the material by matching the sofa or carpet material in your living room. Choosing a indoor coffee table material is arguably easy to bother. Because not all materials for the table are suitable in your living room. You need to choose a table size that matches the size of the living room with a material that is sturdy and strong. Why? Because with strong material, it can last a very long time. Therefore, choose the material with premium quality in the best and most comprehensive furniture store.

Posteak Coffee Table Collection

We manufacture and produce coffee table in various different shapes of coffee tables, such as round coffee tables, square coffee tables, and rectangular coffee tables, there are also various materials like solid teak wood, reclaimed teak wood, and teak wood laminate, teak root coffee table with a combination of metal iron steel, iron wrought base, and also coffee table with glass top.

Teak Wood Collection

Teak wood is the perfect, compelling material used for the coffee table. With its durability, it will last for a long time. So it's great investment furniture. Apart of its durability, teak wood is also beautiful and gives natural looks to your design. Teak indoor coffee table models is one of popular and high-demanded furniture from our buyers. Due to its functionality of the furniture and beautify of the teak wood itself.

Reclaimed Wood Collection

Teak reclaimed wood is another perfect material for a coffee table. With these wooden materials, you can get antique or industrial looks for the model. The rustic look and old textures grain of the wood is exceptional. Our collection of reclaimed wood is combined with iron steel which emphasizes the industrial style.

Custom Coffee Table

With our wide collection, you can go in any direction. Whether you are looking for a large coffee table or a small one, you can produce with us. Because we make custom furniture, you will always find a suitable model with us. You can choose materials such as coffee table teak wood. You can also determine the finish option. We have a broad range of finish option that suits for your models.

Buy Wholesale Indonesian Coffee Table

For buyers that have a business in the furniture industry, Posteak Furniture provides wholesale coffee table to produce. You can import a great quality Indonesian coffee table at wholesale price with a minimum quantity is 1x20ft container. You can refine your search using the various filter options on the left side of this page. This leaves you with a selection of tables that meet your specific requirements. Contact us now!