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Come in and lay down to The Taste of Teak! Elegance and durability hearken to simpler times and simpler comfort levels. Whether used alone or part of a beautiful bedroom set, these teak bed furniture collections scream class and value.

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Teak Wood for your Bed Furniture: Wood for Your Future

Indonesia is rich in forest products by producing commodities that can be converted into high-quality handicrafts. One of them is typical Jepara furniture with its popularity across continents. Posteak Furniture has taken its parts in transforming these products into hundreds of home furnishing models, from the outdoor set, living room set, dining set, and bedroom set.

While there are undoubtedly other good options for your bed, like wood, plastic, MDF boards, synthetic rattan, wicker, and upholstery --- you must be wondering why choosing teak wood in a place that feels intimate for most of us. Well, we are more than happy to tell you the secrets behind this teak wood as our chosen material in making futuristic bed furniture.

1. Specialized Hand-crafted

This sleeky carved teak bed offers a wicker headboard prominent enough to satisfy even the most serious of wicker addicts. The hand-carved headboard is hewn from a famous piece of teak wood that has been used to craft beds for centuries. Our local artisans poured their hearts and thoughts that show in every trace of our teak bed as a reminder for us to appreciate both traditional and modern parts of life.

2. Bold and Authentic

Constructed of weathered, kiln-dried teak, this classic bed is scarred with breathtaking cracks that enhance its beauty. Its knotty sides that you can feel with every touch of your fingertips and let yourself sink in the admiration of each scar. Enjoy the bristly teak tree feel and the musky wood smell without ever leaving your bed. No other bed has quite as much character as our specialized hand-crafted teak beds.

3. Complete Luxury

Common, flat-out, and boring are words that do not describe our teak bed. Retreat from the world into a peaceful night of magical replenishment with this elegant bed. Its understated elegance is second only to the comfort it provides. Say goodbye to the feeling of ticks tingling on your legs and cramped, constrained spaces --- say hello to unparalleled buoyancy, minimal noise, and zero springboarding!

4. Durable and Faultless

The sturdy wrought wood frame keeps our teak bed secure. With its strong and firm frames, there will be no more creaking, squeaky bed even when you go to sit on it. Our patented teak bed is guaranteed to stand tall for years to come. Perfect for all types of indoor use. 

Pick the One that Suits Your Style Best

Looking for which teak bed you should choose? That’s great, you’re in the right place cause here in Posteak we've prepared only the best teak wood to fulfill your dream bed furniture.

1.   Modern bed frame

Hand-crafted to solid perfection, this modern-style Modista bed is not only great for sleeping. Its broad headboard and footboard are great for keeping books, lamps, lava lamps, clean clothes, and even a few knick-knacks.

2.   Rustic teak bed

The clean, simple lines of this contemporary-style bed are soothingly functional. If there's a cozier bed on the market than our Queensland Teak Bed, we have never seen it. Climb into one and lose yourself to soft earth colors and softer curves. It's like sleeping in a hug. In modern design, less is more, so we'll leave it at that.

3.   Contemporary teak bed

Snuggle up in pure simplicity with this contemporary-style bed. This bed features a special inlay carving to promote serenity, comfort and serve as a reminder to take care of yourself so you can be at one with the energies of the universe. Once you climb into our Queensland Teak Bed, you may never want to climb out! Its welcoming embrace is a prelude to the sweetest of dreams.

4.   Teak bed with canopy

Who says that canopy can’t look luxurious too? Thanks to this fancy Queensland Teak Bed, now you can easily transform your bedroom into heaven for your own!

A simple, yet sturdy wooden frame is the basis for this quintessential bed. Even though it has a sturdy and rigid structure, Teak Bed Frame with Canopy – Denise provides the best comfort in a lightweight frame. Perfect for those who just want to be able to relax without much fuss. This comfy wooden bed features a canopy for your luxurious needs.