Why buying furniture in Indonesia is potential investment for furniture business

Indonesia is one of famous and prospective country on producing furniture. The data from Ministry of Industry states that export performance of Indonesian furniture industry in the last three years shows a positive trend: US$ 1.60 billion in 2016, US$ 1.63 billion in 2017 and US$ 1.69 billion in 2018 – gbgindonesia,2018.

Meanwhile, furniture exports rose 9.41 percent year-on-year (yoy) to $1.12 billion in the first seven months of this year. But, Indonesia Government confident to reach $2billion export value this year. 

Regarding to the data, Indonesia still become potential source to import furniture. Hence, not all Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer provide same quality standards and service. as potential buyer, in order to avoid any loses and disadvantages, you need to know essentials things about furniture industry in Indonesia.

May this comprehensive guide will help you to get more sight when buying or import furniture in Indonesia.

Where to buy furniture in Indonesia

Jepara city which is located in Central Java, Indonesia is popular place buying furniture, especially wood furniture. The city is well-known for international buyers as the city that produce quality wooden furniture.

With the local craftsmanship that has been generated from generation to generation, Jepara becoming small city that boost national export for wood and furniture for Indonesia.

Many buyers from across nation attracted to buy and import furniture from Jepara for theirs or business. So, for this reason on this city becomes huge market for furniture industry. A lot of furniture manufacturers and suppliers growing in this city.

Other places such as Bali also provide great variety of furniture and handicrafts, but mostly for wooden furniture they supply from Jepara. Big city like Semarang, Surabaya you can find factory with fully machine-made furnitures. Solo, is great for local handmade furnitures, rattan and handricrafts. Furthermore, Solo also has furniture manufacturers, as President Jokowi also historically born his career as furniture maker from Solo.

What furniture should to buy in Indonesia

Indonesia furniture offers many ranges of furniture styles and models. Many option you can buy to fulfill your furniture needs. But, commonly Indonesia is well-known with their wood furniture products, because it huge natural resources.

As for wood, popular resources teak wood, reclaimed teak wood, mahogany wood, mango wood, slab wood, mindi, acacia. Although, you also can find furniture made from rattan, iron, leather and fabric.

All of them you can import from machine-made manufacturing or handmade one. Mostly, when from manufacturer there is minimum order quantity of full 20/40ft container. 

a. Wooden furniture

A highly demanded for furniture buyer when buying furniture from Indonesia. With the huge resources and high ability of craftsmanship become high value furniture made from Indonesia.

Furniture manufacturers offers wide variety of wooden furniture products from indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, furniture accessories, or also customized products.

Here are some of wood furniture style you may look.

Indoor teak furniture

Indoor teak furniture become very high-demanded furniture choices for international market. You can buy teak wood furniture with great value, quality. Teak furniture is good choice for those who seek for authentic indoor furniture. In 2020 is very popular for industrial indoor furniture, a combination between iron and wood.

Outdoor Teak Furniture

Teak is strong and durable wood and right choice for outdoor furniture materials. It can withstand in any harsh outdoor conditions. Such as teak garden furniture, using teak wood as main materials. You can find enormous models and styles of outdoor furniture that used teak wood in Indonesia. Buying outdoor furniture will benefits you to expand your furniture business, because price is still competitive as well as the quality.

Reclaimed Teak furniture

Reclaimed teak wood is old lumber which comes from old house or boats that used again to make unique pieces of furniture. It has antique authentic styles that many buyers are looking for. When you buy a reclaimed teak furniture, it’s not only buy pieces furniture but also you buy the story inside.

Quality Dining Table

Dining table is essential furniture goods that must strong and durable for years to years. Teak is great wood for dining table, crafted and combined with others materials such as iron will have great looks, so it will be most selling for your retails, wholesale or projects. You can find quality dining table here for indoor and outdoor, available in many sizes.

Industrial Furniture, Wood – Iron Combination

In recent years, industrial furniture which a combination between iron and wood is very popular and many buyers buy for wholesale projects. It has huge demands, especially in European market. This strong, antique design makes it perfect for indoor furniture styles. Not only for indoor, it can applied also in outdoor but you need to order with powder coated finishing on iron materials, so it can withstand long-last in outdoor environment. Teak wood and iron powder coated both are a strong combination materials furniture for outdoor.

b. Custom Furniture

In case you need your own design, you can request custom furniture form Indonesia in mass quantity. Indonesia has many craftsmen to process your custom order. But, if you don’t have any recommendation of craftsmen, you still can have order custom from furniture manufacturers that provide custom furniture in mass quantity for full containers.

Ordering customizable furniture needs strong consolidation. Find manufacturers that providing 3D rendering design to make it clear understanding of your request.

c. Wicker Rattan Furniture

Indonesia also has wicker/rattan furniture producer that most buyers also import. The difference between wicker and rattan furniture is rattan is only used rattan materials, otherwise wicker furniture are combined with wood, metals, and aluminum materials. Rattan furniture is stylish for any setting for indoor and outdoor furniture, also handicrafts. For outdoor furniture you should buy good quality manufactured that used wicker synthetic materials. It is good choice for projects furniture since it needs a combination design with other furniture.

d. Upholstery Furniture

You can also buying upholstery furniture. Indonesia has wide-variety on sofas design, chairs. You can select quality of the of the fabric regarding to match your buying prices. The popular are sunproof or sunbrella. If you look for upholstery in Indonesia, it has many styles combination with wooden, aluminum and iron materials.

d. Wooden Laminate furniture 

In order to prevent wooden furniture from cracks, bending, heat and scratches, some furniture factory manufactured a innovation of wooden laminate furniture.

Basic construction made of durable plywood materials, such as blockboard, MDF-medium density fiber. Then real solid teak wood sliced, make thin layer with thickness commonly 3mm, attached to the body construction with printed manufactured process.

So even it’s laminate furniture , you will get similar furniture products like fully solid wood furniture. This become so popular in buy Indonesia furniture in case of reducing price compared to solid wooden furniture.

Here some benefits of wooden laminate furniture:

  1. Cost : Wooden laminate furniture is less expensive because it made combination of plywood materials and real wood for its outside layer.
  2. Durability : Wooden laminate furniture relatively more durable into heat condition, avoiding more cracks and bending compared to solid wood furniture.
  3. Low maintenance : Wooden laminate furniture mostly used for indoor which does not require any much polish or refinish. Because the outside layer is made of real solid wood which has been manufactured well.
  4. Color options : You can still get real taste of solid wood with a lot of color options that furniture manufacturer offer.

Wooden laminate furniture has its pro’s and con’s it depends of your furniture needs. The furniture market is very wide, as buyer you will always need to seek opportunities. Still, you also need to seek for Indonesia furniture manufacturer that has quality manufacturing process of wooden laminate furniture or you can get disappointment.

Some of manufacturers have their own characteristics, speciality and quality on their products. So be wisely to choose manufacturers before buy furniture in Indonesia.

Which one should you choose between Quality and Prices

Furniture industry is very wide and potential market to dig. Indonesia furniture offers many variety products, quality and service. You may confused regarding a lot of furniture manufacturers/suppliers provide you with their marketing efforts that you can get 100% great quality with cheap and better prices. But it seems doesn’t make sense.

So here are tips you need to aware :

  1. What is their strength and weakness : Maybe we can expect that Indonesia furniture manufacturers and suppliers can made wooden furniture very well, but actually they have their own strength based on their experience. Each of them have their unique products. You must very carefully identified their strength and weakness, which provide you more value for your business.
  2. Quality control : Good manufactures provide you with clear quality control. They give you deep information about their quality, process and time of production. Also, give you report of manufacturing process which is running. Furniture manufacturers and suppliers  that deliver quality will give you clear message about this.
  3. Be clear with materials are used : Ask for the clear understanding of materials used. There are a lot of variant and types of materials, for example if teak wood there are 3 types of grade. Which come with different price and quality.

Match your requirements and don’t hesitate to check for your suppliers. Be clear of the materials will help you to prevent loss because of defect furniture.

Buying furniture in Indonesia must be value for money, which means you pay for its value/quality. Check and re-check the furniture manufacturers/suppliers to match requirements of your furniture business.

When the best time buying furniture in Indonesia

Since in Indonesia is only has 2 season, is not a thing when you buy furniture in Indonesia, but for good sake, good time is when dry season in Indonesia, cause it can take more fast production on drying the wood.

More important as buyers is when buying furniture from Indonesia will depending on season you want to sell your furniture on your country. You must be prepared and scheduling and buy goods before your target season is coming. Furniture manufacturer will take up 1-2 months of delivery time to export.

Spring season is good time to sell outdoor furniture cause it will highly demanded-means higher prices, but also you can give discount for indoor furniture which can boost your sell also. Contrary, when winter is coming, it is good choice to start import and sell indoor furniture.

How to buy and import furniture in Indonesia

For those who never import furniture from Indonesia or who has already experienced. This section may make it clear understanding about what you need to consider and step to buy and import furniture in Indonesia.

  1. Find certified legal company. For wooden furniture, make sure furniture manufacturers and suppliers have legal SVLK certified. It standard procedures of legality from Indonesia governments to export wood furniture.
  2. Arrange properly the goods you will buy/import. In common, importing furniture from Indonesia needs to be 20HC or 40HC containers. You can also do consolidation of mix items within manufacturers to fulfill the containers. But most of them still requested to minimum order of full container.
  3. Considering shipping terms. Common agreement of shipping terms are FOB or exwork. FOB (Free on Board) is a term that manufacturers will give price quote based on delivering cost to the nearest port. It means buyer needs to pay for the shipping cost from port until the destination point. The advantage is buyer can decide own freights carrrier with best prices and has more control of the shipping. This terms is most used by international buyers. EXW (Exwork) is a terms that manufacturer/supplier don’t involve in any transportation cost and risk. Means that buyer needs to pay all of transportation from from warehouse of manufacturer until final destination. This terms is risky if buyer doesn’t have any insurance.
  4. Payments Terms. Most of furniture manufacturers are willing to have 30-50% deposit. And the rest is after copy B/L documents is released.

The importance of Moisture Content (MC) in wooden furniture

Buying furniture and import wooden furniture must be aware and pay attention about the moisture content (MC). Moisture Content (MC) is measurement between the weight of water relatively compared with the weight of wood.

A note to remember that wood is very unique, it is a hygroscopic materials, means that it can adjust with the condition of its surroundings. If the surrounding is more moist, the wood will absorb the moistures causing the wood to expand, on the other hand, if in dry environment wood will drier causing the wood to shrink.

Shrink can cause wood cracks or bend. So, you must be aware of the furniture whether it’s intended on indoor or outdoor.

Normally to export, (MC) of wood ranges between 12 – 15%. Good furniture manufacturers will provide kiln dry service if their wood materials/products still wet, and give real reports.

So, as a buyer you need to consider furniture manufacturers which aware of this case and make sure that they properly kiln dried their wooden furniture.


Fumigation is techniques that used for handling fungi in a way apply fumigan or poison gas in an airtight room with a certain dose and temperature for a certain time.

When you import furniture in container will need fumigation to avoid fungi, termites and any kind of insect which cam damage your furniture, especially on wooden furniture.

You need to ask your furniture supplier to fumigated your furniture. Commonly, it’s done just before the furniture are exported.

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