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Buying Furniture in Indonesia – Essential Guide 2022

teak furniture indonesia

Why buying furniture in Indonesia is potential investment for furniture business Indonesia is one of the famous and prospective countries for producing furniture. The data from the Ministry of Industry states that the export performance of the Indonesian furniture industry in the last three years shows a positive trend: US$ 1.60 billion in 2016, US$ 1.63 […]

The Unique of Antique Reproduction Furniture

antique reproduction furniture

When you hear the word “antique”, what are the things that come into your mind? Is it something associated with class, elegance, and vintage? Antique is considered timeless and many would look for this style in different kinds of aspects, from clothing to furniture. However, due to the rocketing prices and rarity, not everyone has […]

Styling Your Home with British Colonial Furniture

british colonial furniture

To give your home a more vintage and gentler atmosphere, you may want to consider British Colonial furniture style as an ideal choice. With its emphasis on simplicity and class, this style would effortlessly speak elegance by itself rather than exaggerating with overwhelming decoration. Below are simple guides that you can follow to properly enhance […]

What is Suar Wood Slab – Pro’s and Con’s

suar wood slab from indonesia

Sometimes, conformity can be boring. A house filled with classic furniture and rigid shapes is fine, but have you been thinking about going a bit explorative and spontaneous? If that’s what has been crossing your mind, then you would consider having furniture made of Suar wood slabs. What is a Suar wood slab? A wood […]

Shop Furniture from Bali That You’ll Love in 2021

bali furniture

Bali is one of popular destination for tourist when comes to holiday. Can’t be denied that Bali has gorgeous nature tourism. Not only that, Bali also has beautiful handcrafts and furniture that born from local tradition. Sculpture, dance, painting, and other art forms make the province of Bali rich in an extraordinary variety of arts […]

Import Furniture in Indonesia at Best Price 2021

import furniture from indonesia

Indonesia has known for the wood furniture industry. Regarding Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (HIMKI), in 2018 the export of Indonesia furniture products expected to reach USD $1.95 billion worth, and potentially to grow by 2019. Jepara wood furniture manufacturers plays important roles in this business. The local craftsmen and manufacturer did a great job in crafting […]

Jepara Furniture Manufacturer: We produce furniture for your business

Jepara furniture manufacturer - Posteak Furniture

Jepara furniture manufacturer provides its citizen with several furniture options suited for homes, restaurants, offices, and hospitality. These various types of wholesale furniture are manufactured for prospective markets. The size and quality mostly depend on the types of wood used in manufacturing. During the introduction of furniture in Indonesia, artisans would manually craft the wood […]

Indonesian Rattan Furniture as One of the World Class Products

rattan furniture indonesia

Indonesia Rattan furniture is another option that you can have besides the teak ones, it is easily found in several places and one of them is in Indonesia. For your information, mostly this material can even replace woods since it is quite strong. The public’s interest in this stuff never recedes from time to time. […]

Indonesian Classic Furniture for Living Room That Made for Last

indonesian classic furniture for living room

Furniture is not the only thing that fulfills any corner in our room, but it also has an essential function. A lot of models of furniture today are compelling, but one that will remain elegance and popular for a lifetime is classic furniture for the living room. Having classic furniture for living room is a […]