If you’re buyers who are looking for custom solid wood furniture in Jepara, you are in the right place. Jepara is known city for its quality solid wood furniture. A lot of craftsmen and manufacturers arise in this city. Moreover, furniture that made from solid wood has many advantages, especially for its durability compared furniture made from plywood or manufactured wood. Custom solid wood furniture is best option to invest in furniture goods compared with regular furniture from store or marketplace – it’s something that you can request by your own and guarantee for it’s quality.

However, choosing solid wood furniture in Jepara may takes time and risks if you don’t take well consideration. So, here is the guide when it comes to find the best solid wood furniture in Jepara.

What To Look For Custom Furniture

Like we have said earlier, there are a lot of furniture maker and manufacturer in Jepara. Not all, have same quality standard. For custom furniture makers, each may have the differences in process, style and experience that separate from the great.

Materials Selection: Choosing materials is really matters, because it will define the quality of the custom furniture. Due to there are many types of solid wood in Jepara, such as teak, mahogany, mindi, mangos etc, furniture makers or manufacturer should have experience and knowledge about it. Those who are experienced and carefully in selecting the materials for custom furniture will produce better quality solid wood furniture rather than who are less picky about their experience and knowledge in selecting materials.

Construction: Be aware of construction will help you to avoid bad quality custom furniture. If you are not familiar, good furniture makers  or manufacturer can explain you with detail information of what they build. From the joinery, till the furniture assembly.

Sanding: Custom solid wood furniture will look great with hand-sanding. It is preferable for fine finishes and delicate pieces. For custom furniture, sanding process may not fast as by all in-one machinary, but it guarantees for the detail and personal touch.

Finishing: Other important things for custom solid wood furniture is the quality of finishing. You know custom furniture can be finished with a lot of tone colours of the wood grain and make it long-lasting. Quality finishing also protect furniture from losing colors of the wood.

Guarantee: Furniture makers or manufacturers who believe in the quality of their work will guarantee it.

Now that you’ve got a solid idea of what to look for in custom wood furniture, the next step is figuring out where to look.

Where To Look For Custom Furniture

Jepara is a great city, and you’ve got a lot of great furniture options. The best way to start searching is to look at a map. Here—try this one. Custom solid wood furniture Jepara is good investments of furniture goods for a lifetime. Here is the reason why Jepara furniture is outstanding. However, look carefully furniture makers or manufacturer, especially if you need custom furniture for your business.

A good piece of solid wood furniture can last you a lifetime. It’s okay to take a little time to make sure you find a piece for you.

Build Custom Furniture with POSTEAK

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