Flooring is something that you shouldn’t abandon when it comes to interior design. Because it’s the base where you start the decor. Some even personally choose hardwood floors because of this reason. Therefore, what color furniture goes with light hardwood floors?

Hardwood had been flooring materials for centuries. From stone mansions, wood cabins, until brick-wall big houses can work with hardwood flooring. This is because the wood has its own pattern that people love to display in their houses through the flooring. Thus, here is what color furniture we think will look best on the light hardwood floors:

1. Grey

Even though the hardwood flooring is on the lighter shade of color, it’s still the natural wood color. Therefore, it has a warm ambiance that only natural colors can omit. Thus, what color furniture goes with light hardwood floors that we think are gray. Because gray is also a natural color that gives a cool effect that will balance the warmth.

2. Brown

If you don’t wish to work for balance, why don’t highlight it? Since usually wood naturally has brown shades. Therefore, because the flooring is on the lighter side, then you can go bold with darker brown. 

3. Purple

Light hardwood flooring will also look splendid with other bold furniture color choices like purple. There are wide arrays of furniture purple that you can choose to grace your living room. Not to mention, if you’re too shy for displaying the bold shade, then you can stick with the more calm purple. 

4. Olive

Olive color gained popularity in the past years, and it will look good for light wooden color. For that reason, we suggest putting olive-colored furniture with light hardwood flooring. Not to mention, olive is a natural green color. Thus, it will look good on the hardwood.

5. Dark Red

Since we have the green shade through olive, let’s compare it with red. At some point, you can easily find natural red colors, from the bold one to the darker shades. But for this purpose, we suggest a darker shade of red to create a warm vibe for your living room.

6. Black

Black will work with anything, and you can prove it by placing black furniture over the light hardwood flooring. If you’re afraid that your living room will be intimidating with black, try to look for the curved shape to give a soft balance. As an alternative, you can also pick a lighter shade of black in the dark gray direction.

7. Blue

If you think that we will leave out the blue from this list, then you have to reconsider. Because there you can create a breezy-beachy feel with the combination of light hardwood flooring with blue furniture. Especially if you are willing to go for a nautical concept.

Those are what color furniture goes with light hardwood floors that we think are best. To get the furniture for your living room, you can simply call us. Because we have wide options for living room furniture with any color that you can choose.